Horrific and Amazing horse accident and recovery.

Many of you have seen this dramatic photo on Facebook.

OH MY HORSEGODS.  The good news is that horse and driver are OK.

I did a lot of hunting and found more pics and the original post (in Spanish) with a bad American translation.  But the gist of it is that the horse and driver were OK.  The car, not so much.


12/26/19 Guaynabo Puerto Rico Horse/car accident Horse survived Horse was spooked by fireworks in the area.  We are informed that the owner of the car is stable and the horse too.

Original Post:

Amigos caballista gracias a dios luego del impacto del jueves hoy cumple 4 dias de la recuperaciòn de mi hijo ranchero a papa dios primera mente y al caballero del veiculo no a pasado nada quiero agradecer a kamello a jum a Luis Eggie Pagan Perez y a Richie hijo de rafy por estar alli conmigo y por enviarme las evidencias tambien quiero darle las gracias al municipio de guaynabo de mi pueblo manejo de emergencia y la policia municipal por hacer un mejor trabajo por cuidarme y por ser mi compañeros de trabajo en verdad nunca me an dejado solos gracias por sacar el tiempo de llegar las donaciones tanto para mi caballo y para poder pagar al vehiculo de verdad todos mis amigos caballistas y al todo ep pueblo de puerto rico que an sacado su tiempo a damr un granito de arena toy muy agradecido me siento sumamente agradecido tamos en victorias gracias gracias a todos de verdad y por mi damr mi ejemplo de enseñar a la gente que nunca deja solo a un hijo gracias a ranchero me enseño a ser padre ranchero te amo hijo nunca te voy a dejar solo Machito Swing ahh y a Angel Rivera por darme una mano para sanar a mi caballo hacienda apalusa mejor hospital de mundo equino rafi graciss de todo corazon y a Maria Garcia por no dejarme solo

Translation (I think this is a poor translation…):

Friends Horseman thank god after the impact of Thursday today he turns 4 days of the recovery of my son ranchero to papa God first mind and the knight of the veiculo not past nothing i want to thank kamello to jum to Luis Eggie Pagan Perez And Richie son of rafy for being there with me and for sending me the evidence I also want to thank the municipality of guaynabo of my people emergency management and the municipal police for doing a better job for taking care of me and for being my co-workers really I’m never left alone thank you for taking the time to get the donations so much for my horse and to be able to pay the real vehicle all my friends and the all ep people of Puerto Rico who took their time to damr a grain of sand toy Very grateful I feel extremely grateful we are in victories thank you thank you all for real and for my damr my example of teaching people who never leave only a child thanks to ranchero taught me to be father ranchero I love you son I will never leave you Only Machito Swing ahh and Angel Rivera for giving me a hand to heal my horse hacienda appaloosa best hospital of equine world rafi gracis of all heart and to Maria Garcia for not leaving me alone


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  1. Bonnie

    To my friends of the horse-world, thanks to God that after the impact on Thursday, today is 4 days of the recuperation of my “son” Ranchero, (horse’s name) and Father God primarily, that the gentleman of the automobile, were not harmed. I want to thank Kamello, Jum, Luis Eggie Pagan Perez, and Richie son of Rafy for being there with me and for sending me the evidence.
    I also want to thank the municipal of Guaynabo, of my town’s emergency management, and the municipal police for doing the best work of taking care of me and being my helpers at work (assuming for getting Ranchero out of the car). In truth they never left me alone. Thanks for taking the time for donations to arrive, not only for my horse, but also to pay for the car.
    In Truth, all of my friends, fellow horsemen, and all of the people of Puerto Rico that took time to give me a grain of sand (a possible reference to each penny given to help with money) I am very grateful. I feel extremely grateful that we are victorious, thanks, many thanks to all in truth and for giving me an example to show people that you never leave alone your son. Thanks to Ranchero who taught me to be a father. Ranchero I love you, son, I will never leave you alone.
    (Thanks) Machito Swing and Angel Rivera for giving me a hand in healing my horse, applause to the best hospital for horses in the world! Rafi thanks from my whole heart and Maria Gracia for not leaving me alone.

  2. Calvin48

    You are right – that “translation” is something else! I assume the horse was loose on the road when hit by the car. I can’t imagine how the driver of the car was able to walk away after having a horse sitting on his/ her lap.

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