Honoring Betty White’s birthday… please consider helping donkeys like Princess Buttercup Pebbles who was pulled from a slaughter yard. Here is a sweet new video of her, running and playing with her dogbuddy- freedom!

Today would  have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.  Many have suggested donating to charities in her name.  I agree.  A great idea!  I’m guessing she would have thought that was the best idea ever for her birthday!

In honor of Betty White,  the Horse and Man Foundation has a new fund specifically created to buy slaughter bound horses off of the trucks – The Keep Them off of the Truck Fund.    All donations are 100% tax deductible.  We will use every last penny to save whomever we can, throughout the entire year.  Our own Princess Buttercup Pebbles, a BLM donkey who was adopted for the BLM Incentive program and then dumped at the auction, was marked for the slaughter truck.   ASIAB rescued her out of a horrible killpen in Texas – and we adopted her.

PBP is still quite young, 3-4 years old (we cannot read her brand to know for sure).  Watch this video of her running and playing with Natty, and consider where this bright and delightful girl would be now if she hadn’t been kept off of the truck….

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Click here to watch PBP run with Natty!

click image to watch video

Click image to watch the video!




FUND TOTAL AS OF TODAY:  $2045  (Thank you!)

Horse and Man Foundation, Inc has a new Fund button. KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND. This fund will go on all day, all the time. It will always be here. If you want to save a horse from slaughter, you know we will do that here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!


  If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!

Click here for the KEEP THEM OFF OF THE TRUCK donation fund!

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