He’s a clever little Pony King…

So I went out to feed tonight… and there was no pony.

I knew that I had put him in with Gwen.  He was there the last time I checked.  But now, no pony.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  How could he have escaped?  There were no opened gates.  He simply was not in the paddock where he was the last time I saw him.

As I ran to the paddock to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me, I noted that indeed, there was no pony where the pony should be.

And then I saw it.

Pony-sized escape route.  There he was, waaaaaaay out in the 5 acres.  He had escaped through the neighboring paddocks loose fence board.

Sneaky, crafty, clever Little Pony King.

I was feeding and noted that The Pony King was not where I had left him. He was not anywhere in the clearly visible paddock. My heart dropped.

As I ran into the paddock, I saw what I thought must have been his escape route.

Yup. There were pony mane hairs attached to the upper board. He had gone through here and out the neighboring paddock. (The gate to the 5 acres had been opened all day for Missy Miss and Mo to go out and graze.)

I fixed the board… as the pony continued to graze.

I came back out an hour later and he was back in the paddock.

I gave him his dinner and then asked him if he wanted to go into the other paddock, and he didn’t want to go. That was very curious to me because Dalton was in the other paddock. Me thinks he hasn’t discovered that I’ve closed off his new path! Or, maybe by the look on his face in this shot, he just noticed.


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