Help me pick a PAINT COLOR?!! Hubby and I disagree.

I know I’ve shared this a few times, but the reason we could afford a 10 acre, 360 degree view parcel in wine country was because … no one else wanted it.

“Why?”, you ask?…

Well, a few reasons.  One is that the house is very disjointed.  The previous owner added on without an architect, and it shows.  For us it works because we use our new addition part – and then rent out the 3 bedroom/2 bath original house on AirBnB.

Another reason… which I’ve talked about previously… the past owner used Roundup on every single inch of this property except the area right around the house.  All the acreage was dead.  I think that may have turned off grape growers, olive growers and any kind of gardening type person.

A third reason, and this one might be subjective, is the house color.  It is powder blue or sky blue.  Not sure.  Both look wrong to me.  And even though the house was very recently fully and newly painted this color, I feel the need to change it.  To me, every single day, I stumble on the color of the house.  I mean, every day it jars me.  I’m not used to it.  I don’t think I would ever get used to it.

In fact, when people ask me what is my least favorite color (besides flesh and Crayola Nude), I would say, “Powder blue”.

The front of the house…

The views are great!

I FIGURE I CAN PAINT IT MYSELF… heck,it is only one story and I’ve done it before!

OK, so I can’t afford to have the house painted, especially because we have yet to fence in the front two acres – which will be for Finn, BG and Wrigley, when the time comes.

Anyway, I figured I could paint it myself.  I’m not working much, so I have free time.  And, the house is only one story.

I painted my house in Oregon that was 2 stories!  I learned that I really hate heights… and that dark house colors don’t work.  I painted the house a lovely rich grey brown (which I loved on my test slab), but once applied, the house looked like a mud hut.  I ended up having to pay house painters to redo it because I was too afraid of ladders after my first try.

I’ve tried so many colors… the sheds look like a ‘paint by numbers’ gone way wrong.


I thought I wanted a sage color.  But, I couldn’t find the right sage.  They all looked like pea soup or baby diaper.

Then I went to rich browns again.  Same issue as before.

Hubby wanted yellow, so we tried a bunch of yellows.

I finally settled on a grey with a hint of brown.  It is like a soft pewter.

But, Hubby still wants yellow.


My issue with Hubby’s yellow is that I don’t want to trade one IT’S A SMALL WORLD storybook color for another.  And, the inside of the house is yellow.  I already painted the entire inside with different shades of cream and yellow.

Hubby likes a ‘sunny’ yellow.  He thinks all the other colors are ‘avocado’.  All of them.  He has said that about every single color I’ve brought home… “Isn’t that avocado?…”.  Sigh.

Also, I want the trees and flowers to stand out, too.

CHOICES.  I’ve narrowed it down.

HELP ME, please.  Email me or comment which color you like best.  The white trim will stay.

Hubby Yellow

My grey

Dark grey brown (afraid this will get too heavy if it is the entire house)

Hubby Yellow


Darker avocado.

This is in the shade.  I tried to get every color against the white trim – since it is staying.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    I think we are going for darker grey. Am furiously painting the shed darker to see if it is overwhelming.

  2. Karen

    why not take a drive? Find suburb area with some one story houses. Look at their color schemes. You might end up with a completely different color scheme than either of you considered.

  3. Bonnie J Bishop

    Grass green with Yellow doors. or the lady who said gold.
    A bright color would reflect the sun though and be cooler inside.

    Well I guess grass green is a primary color too, sorry.

    Maybe a darker shade of yellow?
    Good luck sweetie!

  4. Barb

    I live in a condo community in Arizona where all the houses are painted Navajo White which is light yellow. I am used to it after 6 years but recently had the front door and shutters painted bitter berry (a brownish red color) to get away from yellow. The window casings are painted white. That baby blue makes me gag.

  5. Sandee

    After many years as an interior designer in California I moved up to Washington and realized that all my go to colors did not work up her in the pacific northwest. That being said in California where you are I would stay away from the greys and avocados. Your husband probably sees color differently so that is why he is not happy with your color choices. The yellows that you picked may not be warm/strong enough for you. Have you thought about a more golden tone to the paint color? Being that the hills will go golden brown for most of the year it might make a nice blend with the surrounding area. White trim with a contrasting door would add the pop you are looking for. Look at Benjamin Moore’s Stuart Gold HC10. The website allows you to see the color on a bunch of exterior views. It is one of their historical colors and it might just suit both of you. I can also see it with a cute red barn for contrast.

  6. Robynne Catheron

    Ooh, maybe you could paint the front door a happy, sunny yellow to appease the hubby :)

  7. Robynne Catheron

    I LOVELOVELOVE your first grey, the lighter, softer one. It will be beautiful with the white trim! Your trees and flowers will definitely stand out. From a distance, the house will blend but not disappear into the landscape like green would. Like you, I’m fond of creamy yellow interiors, but yellow houses always make me think of great-grandparents with white picket fences. That’s just my opinion, of course :)

    I can’t wait to see the pics when it’s done! Whatever color you decide to go with will be an improvement and it will be gorgeous!

  8. Valrey

    I think a sage would be the best, but of the options you have on the shed, I’d vote for #3–the avocado. Perhaps you could paint your front door some shade of yellow to compromise with your hubby?…Personally, I’m not into yellow, but I watch a lot of HGTV and one of the shows recently did a yellow front door and it was okay (I think it was Fixer Upper–maybe you could stream a couple of recent episodes for inspiration?)

    Good luck!

  9. Ellen Edmunds Groppo

    I also love a bright contrasting door. Not sure what until house is painted.

  10. Ellen Edmunds Groppo

    House Color: I like the color in the middle, Dark Gray Brow. However, if that is too dark maybe it could be lightened a bit. I just think it contrasts beautifully with the white trim as well as any yellow it comes in contact with. Good Luck. Color is a tricky thing.

  11. Susan J Montgomery

    Grey with a yellow door is what I have picked for our house! But, if you want things to look ‘organic’ then look at the color palette of your land. Use the sand/beige of the dirt, or the grey of the tree trunks, and your house will feel a part of the landscape.

  12. Kristen

    I definitely couldn’t handle that much yellow haha. I really like your gray, second choice would be the first avocado I think. Good luck!

  13. dawndi Post author

    Thank you!!! I like the idea of a contrasting door. Coral would be so pretty and happy!

  14. dawndi Post author

    I do want the flowers to pop… but maybe I need a hint of brown in that grey. I thought it had it, but
    the photos show it as grey only.

  15. Heather

    I have powder blue “lifetime” siding and I do NOT like it. At. All. Resigned to my fate I find joy in painting the (new since the 2016 flood)) front door. Currently it’s a bright coral and my son hates it. I have painted it Chinese red, rich ruby red and once jet black, and may do a candy apple red next time. My vote is “your” grey, it resonates with a horse ranch feel and you could paint the front door “hubby” yellow. Good luck!

  16. Sue

    Hi Dawn! We painted our home a beige that has a yellow tone (as opposed to a beige that leans towards pink or green). We have all white trim, and a gorgeous red front door and matching shutters. Wonder if hubby would go for a “yellow beige”? I have a pic and will email it to you . . . good luck!

  17. Megan

    A very inspiring architect from Livingston, MT once said that a house should be a part of the natural environment and stick out-opposite. Being a part of the environment invites the local wildlife (birds, bigs, mammals, etc) to your property which was once their natural habitat. So, I would stand on a nearby hill and look at your property, imagine what it would like like if perfect and how your house and barns fit into that vision. That’s just me. Good luck.

  18. Sonya

    I would try cream or off-white, with dark red (not maroon, which has purple) trim…

    As for the Roundup, see if your extension service can help you amend the soil, then start new grass… You’ll have to do it the way they tell you, but… they sometimes give you GRANTS for this, or at least part of it.

    Just a thought. Blessings!

  19. Jan Hoole

    I don’t think I’d mind the blue, and I’d also like the yellow (I’m with Hubby on that one) but I’ll bet the yellow would be a bit blinding in the sun. I’d go with your grey. it’s not going to look oppressive but it’ll make the colours of the trees and any flowers really pop. I think the other colours might be a bit too heavy. Have fun!

  20. Cathy

    First, Alice and I are coming down to help paint. And – not to confuse your issues but we do have a fabulous paint color to recommend. When do we start?

  21. Patti

    I’d say your gray. It might be even better once there’s primer underneath so it doesn’t show the blue. Good luck!

  22. dawndi Post author

    Thank you! If we had shutters, I’d do the same. Pretty much the colors of the Grass Valley house.
    Can’t teach an old dog…

  23. cheryl

    Your gray or the first avocado would be my first and second choice. Our house spent three years as a light blue – and I agree with you in my dislike of that as a house color. I generally like blue – but always found it jarring. It just didn’t look organic and I’m glad it is gone – now we have a medium gray with with black shutters and white trim. Good Luck!

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