HELLO from the Ranch! After a rainy day, the skies parted and the horses were happy!

I really don’t like taking photos around here because there aren’t enough trees (yet) and you can see the neighbor’s place still and the pastures are barren (for now…), etc.   It just isn’t as pretty as Grass Valley – except it is, for humans.  The view is amazing.  And tonight, after the rain, the sunset was really pretty.  The light was stunning.  So, I took out my phone and snapped everyone.


The newbies… Missy Miss and Mo have settled nicely but they still like to hang out together.  She is so lovely. Her eye reminds me of MT. I just love her. She has a double whorl. I will have to look that up. Mo is such a love. Although I don’t think his eyesight is very good. He tends to spook when he sees me – until I speak. Hmmm.


Finn, always the funster. They organized themselves into the lower pasture – they switched with Missy Miss and Mo one day when they were all in the 5 acres together. I think Finn and BG really like the lower pasture. So, it is theirs!


This is sweet Beautiful Girl. She’s smiling.


Back to eating. Usually, they only eat grass hays and their supplements… but it has been so cold and rainy, I’ve given them some forage hay – carbs.  Yum!  They are digging for the seeds!


This is Gwen in her usual spot on top of the hill. As you can see, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!


Wrigley. He is always the odd man out. I wish I knew how to help him. He did not make friends with Missy Miss or Mo. He’s friendly with his sister, Gwen, but he really has no ‘buddy’. That makes me sad. He has never had a buddy. He lived with Finn and BG for years, but they turned on him after he came back from training this summer.  Those wisps  you see in the sky are hairs caught in the fence.


Norma and Annie. They cannot have carbs so they are eating grass hay.  The panels are used when I’m working with Annie.  Usually, they have the entire pasture.


I tried to capture the sunset behind the girls…  My photo just cannot capture the dimension and color of a sunset…


Dodger still spends his nights in his special pen. The pneumonia is gone but I want to keep an eye on him and make sure he eats all of his food. Today, he was way down in the 5 acres and he refused to come in for dinner (I had to go down there and catch him!). So, I know he is back to his feisty self!

THAT’S EVERYONE!  Have a Great Monday!  (Baby went back to Lifesavers in exchange for Sam.  I don’t yet have a photo of him in his new surroundings, but once I do, I’ll write up his departure story!)

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