HEAT, RIDING… and the all important, much needed, perfect, undergarment. Sigh.

OK.  So.  I’m packing a week ahead of time for our annual riding trip to Wyoming (yayayayyyayayyayayay!!!!)

Usually, because I am a creature of habit, I pack my underwear first.

So that is how I started today, underwear first,  – and then I immediately stopped.

Hmmmmmm.  As I pondered my underwear drawer, I found no friends.  Why oh why can I not find a fantastic riding/sports bra?!

I mean, I never used to have this issue.  Sports bras used to just – work.

Granted, I now refuse to struggle into the Houdini corset straightjacket kind – you know, the ones where you just want to be cut out of them instead of twisting your sweaty body out of it…

So what is left for a rather endowed person?  I’ve tried so many, and they all are snazzy, but fail in the cup runneth over department.

I mean, I think sports bras were better 15 years ago. There was one kind – a sports bra – and it fit tight, but not ridiculous.  Easy wash and wear.  Affordable.

Now, it seems, the sports bras are so technical, I can’t find one that just… fits.

I swear, if I do one more ride where I have the reins in one hand and my other arm across my chest, laughing and yowling at the same time… you know what I mean…  Can’t I just get a regular, tight in the cup but the rest of it is good, sports bra?!


So I did just finally bite the bullet and get a THIRD LOVE regular bra (no affiliation, I wish!).  It took 3 tries to get the proper fit, but once I did, it feels like I’m wearing nothing.  Love that.

However, they don’t make a sports version.



So, I’m pleading for suggestions for the best sports bra that YOU USE for riding.  I’m totally open to any color, brand or price.  I just want COMFORT in the trot, if you know what I mean!

I just wanna ride!


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  1. Abigail Ryan

    Have you tried underarmour? I snagged one for cheap at Marshall’s, it’s several sizes bigger in the cup than I normally buy (maybe they run small? But by far it is the best and most comfortable sports bra I’ve owned. I’ve also been wanting to try Knixwear but haven’t yet. Knixwear isn’t strictly a sports bra, but it’s a bra with 4 way stretch, supposed to fit like second skin….

  2. dawndi Post author

    Hi! Thank you! I am reading reviews and they say it runs small… What size did you get?
    I’m 36D and it says to get a 1.

  3. Carmen Kemp

    Enell. Hands down. I’m extremely well endowed (36P), and they are a miracle.

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