Have you heard of THE RINSE KIT for horses? SHOWER AND GO for your horse!! Great idea!

Have you ever heard of the RINSE KIT (no affiliation)?

I saw an ad for the Rinse Kit for horses – and wondered what it was all about, so I read the website.  I think the Rinse Kit is an incredible idea for power rinsing off your horse when you aren’t anywhere near a wash rack.

GREAT for after the trails!  Keep it in your trailer!  Wash yourself off after a ride!

Yes, it was created for humans… surfers, beach goers, mudders, runners, boaters… you name it.  But, I think it could work really well for so many equine adventures.

I read through the website to see how it works… The Rinse Kit is pressurized.  You fill it up at home.  It holds 2 gallons of water that will spray for about 4 minutes.  If you load it with hot water, the kit is insulated so it will still be warm after your ride.  You need to fill it directly from a spigot, not a hose – this keeps the pressure.

Cool, eh?!!!

Again, no affiliation, but I wish I had one!


ALSO, IF FORGOT TO TELL YOU!… I love this sweater and it is on sale!!  (no affiliation)

Noble Outfitters sent me this sweater to try… AND I LOVE IT.  Oh my gosh, the softest, cushiest, warmest, prettiest sweater I have ever worn!  I wear it with jeans or my good clothes!  I think it hides evils and makes me look finished, even when I’m not!  The sleeves are long enough, the front is tiered so it is slimming and the colors are great!  It comes in two hues.  I have the blue one.

Anyway, I love, love, love it and it is on sale all over the place!  Just google ‘Noble Outfitters Ladies Ombre Scarf Sweater’ and you will find a place to buy it.  I know Stateline Tack has it for 29% off!



I have an extra LG Black Smooth bitless bridle from Germany in stock!

–If you’d like to purchase the new black, smooth LG bitless bridle from Germany for $125, click here.

–You can read about the LG bitless bridles here.

–If you want another color or style, you can learn about those here.

–If you want a brown, smooth, I know of a very slightly used one that is for sale for $99.  You can contact her at this email address:  zasko@dakotacom.net


LAST DAY to help the Stang Gang (Remi, Rojo and Sam).  We are $465 short of paying the already discounted hauling fee.  We really need the help on this one!!  Please make your 100% tax deductible donation here.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 


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