HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE BOGO COLTS? Majus and Majician, the TWIN Arabian colts who survived – and went on to win! – their OWNER WROTE THESE AMAZING COLTS’ STORY! Loved it!

THE BOGO COLTS (Buy One, Get One) TWIN ARABIAN COLTS – arrived, but soon were deathly ill!

In case any of you missed this dramatic story… in the summer of 2015, Jennifer Wilson (pregnant herself), found 2 tiny, foals at her broodmare’s side – born early.  Both were alive.  Both had nursed.  The event was nearly unprecedented.  Most twins don’t survive… and these foals, too, would almost instantly become very, very sick.   (Yes, there were ultrasounds.  None identified the twins.)

For the next year, Jennifer’s life was a roller coasters of emotions, illnesses and vet bills.

But, the miracle babies made it!

Not only did they make it, but Majus (Luke) went on to win East Coast Champion Purebred Arabian Yearling Port Horse in Hand!

Thank goodness that Jennifer took the time to write a novella about the trials and tribulations of raising healthy equine twins!  The entire experience was so rare, I felt it was quite generous of her to write it down.  I highly recommend “A Heart Full of Hope: The True Story of the BOGO Colts”.  I loved it!  Such a gripping, first hand expose!  I could not put it down.

Majus and Majician

Good Mama!

So tiny!  Little miracles!

THE BOOK! – A great read for any horse owner, especially broodmare owners/breeders!

Jennifer Wilson, the owner of these glorious babies, sent to me her new book and 3 coloring books about these boys!

I read the book a few nights ago and WAS RIGHT THERE WITH HER!    I swear… her harrowing ride to the ER vet, having to give medications at all hours, fighting weather and Mother Nature, praying, bawling, negotiating, fighting exhaustion… I TOTALLY was taken along for the ride.

I also found the insights into these boys’ personalities and their relationship with each other – fascinating.

Any horse owner, especially broodmare owner and breeder, will love this book!  And, it is a novella (shorter) so it is perfect for beach sitting, bathtub reading, coffee breaks and/or any other relaxing time!

Plus, coloring books!  Coloring books are big now with adults and children!  Jennifer created 3 coloring books.  She has 3 little kids so I’m sure these books are perfect for youngsters!


What a great idea for YOU and your kids or grandkids for Valentine’s, Easter or just or fun!


All of you brood mare owners know why you have ultrasounds.  Some of you may have had a twin foal ‘pinched’.

For those of you who are not familiar, horses are not set up for two babies.  Usually, if there are twins, both die.  Or one dies in utero and is absorbed.  But it is very rare to have twin foals born – live.  And it is even more rare to have them survive!

THEY ARE GROWING UP TO BE GREAT SPECIMENS!  Majus (Luke) won East Coast Champion Purebred Arabian Yearling Port Horse in Hand!

For me, it is amazing just to know that the babies made it… but the fact that they both are healthy – and that Luke won East Coast Champion Purebred Arabian Yearling Port Horse in Hand – is amazing!

Majus (Luke) won East Coast Champion Purebred Arabian Yearling Port Horse in Hand!

Another shot of Luke as a long yearling.


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