HAVE YOU tried bamboo, yet?

I wanted a new lead rope so that Dalton and I could roam the neighborhood in our best… so while I was at the local tack/feed store, I felt around all the lead ropes and purchased this one.

I bought that particular lead rope because it was soft.  I don’t like the poly lead ropes.  I prefer cotton – or so I thought.

What I learned was that I actually prefer BAMBOO.

Who knew?!

This is a bamboo lead rope.


Usually, I go by feel.  If the lead rope feels soft (and is the right color), I purchase.  So that is how I picked this one.  It felt really nice, and it has a nice color.  (Red is my fav color…).

Once I unwrapped it, I also noticed how light and airy it felt.  Hmmmm.  This was different from a regular cotton leadrope…

So, I read the label.




I like bamboo products, but they are usually too expensive for my pocketbook.  Well, not today!  This lead rope was the same price as all of the other lead ropes.  Under $20.

And, bamboo, lasts longer, won’t invite rot or mold and washes up great!

I’m really, really happy with the weight, the feel and the performance of this lead rope.  That made me look at other products from this company.  They also make rope halters (I prefer leather) and reins!

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  1. Rox

    If you love that bamboo leadrope you would probably also love bamboo garden gloves. You can find them at garden centers, the gloves are knit bamboo, soft as anything. The fingers and palms usually have some kind of grippy fabric. I found and bought several pair at my local garden center for about $6 per pair. I use them at the barn. So soft and comfortable! I’m glad you posted this because I didn’t know there were bamboo leadropes available and two of my sadly worn-out cotton leads really need replacing (I save the snaps for repurposing).

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