Have you seen the DISCOVER THE HORSE on you Tube? Fun!

I stumbled upon this channel on You Tube.

Discover the Horse.  It has so many videos on so many different breeds and experiences!  I think if one is curious about a different breed, this is the place to go!  The best part is – she rides them… so you can see/feel the horse!  I got lost here for hours this week…

I think you’d really like it!   Perfect for a Sunday perusal!

Click to go to channel

click to go to channel


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  1. dawndi Post author

    There are so many positive riding groups for over 60 on the internet! Shame on them. I hope they didn’t sell that horse from under her.

  2. Alexis

    Thanks for this discovery! Headed there for some Sunday youTubing!

    Off topic but maybe something to consider? How about a posting on older women riders. I was thinking about this last week when a co-worker was spouting off about how she and her husband were going to get rid of his 60-year-old mother’s horse while she was away out of town because they didn’t think that at her “advanced age” she should be riding! There are so many older people and so many older people who have health issues that not only ride but compete and it seems to me that horses are the best answer to staying healthy and active. Forget the wrinkle creams – horses are the answer to staying young!

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