HAVE YOU HEARD THE STORY OF “MAGIC”? Locked in a stall for years…

I wanted to use the story of “SEE MY MAGIC”  for the March Bucket Fund, but his situation has yet to resolve tangibly.  I had hoped that if the good people running the cause had been able to procure a document or agreement from Magic’s owner stating that he would actually sell Magic – if we raised the money – well, then it would be a great Bucket Fund.  But as of this writing, no agreement has been made.

So, for now, we wait.  But, I wanted all of you to know of his story and do whatever you felt you motivated to do, while we wait.  (I will set up a BF immediately if and when we know he can be purchased).

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This is Magic's hell.

This is Magic’s hell.


In a nutshell, Magic was a prized  Tennessee Walking Horse show horse.  These types of show horses wear ‘stacked’ shoes.  When they wear the stacked shoes, they cannot be let loose.

Usually, or hopefully, these TWH show horses are ‘let down’ (shoes removed) after show season and they are given paddocks to roam.

In Magic’s case, he has been in a stall for years.  His show shoes are changed every 6 weeks, yet he has not shown in at least 4 years.

Neighbors have offered to build a paddock for him.  Neighbors have offered to house him in their paddocks.  Unfortunately, Magic’s owners are not willing to build a paddock for him or let him outside.

The neighbors can hear Magic cry.

This photo was taken by a news reporter.

This photo was taken by a news reporter.


Animal Control in this County of Washington State have been out to the residence numerous times.  They have instructed the owners to take Magic outside.  But, since the gelding is in good health and is fed/watered daily, there is nothing they can do.  There is no law for ‘equine mental health’.

At this point, Animal Control has thrown up their hands, even though neighbors call often to report Magic living inside his barred stall, never being released.

Magic is fed/watered daily and shod for showing every 6 weeks. He has not shown in over 4 years.

Magic is fed/watered daily and shod for showing every 6 weeks. He has not shown in over 4 years.


Rescuers have a place for Magic to go and are trying to raise funds to buy him.  At one point, they offered $6,000 to purchase him (his former purchase price when his owners bought him), but the owner said he would only sell him for $20,000.  This is not in writing… and the relationship has deteriorated due to all the press, so no one is sure if he would actually sell the gelding for $20,000.

Here is the GO FUND ME page.

The only reason he is not our Bucket Fund for March is because no agreement has been reached.  The owner said he would sell Magic for $20,000, but has not agreed to sell Magic.  If he had, we’d raise money like crazy to help those that are trying to release him.

I promise that if the owner agrees to sell Magic, we will set up an instant Bucket Fund for his cause.

At this point, the owners are becoming upset with all of the press.

At this point, the owners are becoming upset with all of the press.


Click image to read full news article

Click image to read full news article

January 6, 2016
by Karen Ducey.

If only you could See My Magic.

Chances are, you probably never will.

Hidden under tall pines surrounding a little blue barn in rural Western Washington, See My Magic, a 13-year-old, chestnut-colored Tennessee Walking Horse stands alone in high heels, waiting, perpetually, for anything.

From his little window covered with white metal bars, he can watch his owner mow the lawn, smell the early morning dew and hear horses in neighboring pastures whinny and play, but See My Magic’s hooves haven’t touched the grass in more than two years.

His owner, Ted Taylor of unincorporated Pierce County near Roy, Wash., says he has kept the horse locked up this way since Taylor suffered a stroke and back injuries two years ago. Animal control reports filed by concerned neighbors in this affluent gated community suggest it has been much longer.

Waiting for Taylor to heal however, is no retirement from discomfort for See My Magic. Nailed to the bottom of his front hooves are hard plastic and rubber pads — wedged performance shoes that elevate him and cause him to walk with an exaggerated gait. Unlike a woman wearing platform heels, See My Magic never gets to take them off. The angled pads, around 2 inches at the fore, have been affixed to the bottom of his hooves for almost 12 years.

His treatment raises questions about the rights of horses in Washington state whose emotional and physical well-being are left out of current legislation, and exemplifies some of the reasons new laws are challenging the tradition of the Tennessee Walking Horse entertainment industry.

Click here to read entire story…


At this point, there is a group fighting very hard to keep this story alive.  They hope to negotiate with the owner and pay for Magic.

If they are able to reach the owner and come to a settlement, we will help them.  For sure.

Click here to go to the SAVING MAGIC FB page of those trying to help him.


See My Magic has been living a tiny, barren stall tucked into the woods for more than 2 years.  All alone…..solitary confinement. This gentle horse has not been outside of his 10 x 10 cell in at least 2 years – many neighbors say it has been much longer.  All day he sits staring from the bars into the world.  Neighbors hear him cry for help.  Many have pleaded with the owners to let Magic go to a sanctuary, neighbors have offered to exercise Magic, neighbors have offered to take Magic into their own paddocks.  To no avail.  The has said that he will sell Magic for $20,000.

Please read more about Magics story here from Animal News Northwest and see images of his sad, isolated life.

See My Magic is a Tennessee Walking horse.  One of the customs for a Tennessee Walker is to put these horses on very high blocks with long nails digging into their sensitive feet.  In the show world when these horses are competing this extreme pain of walking causes the horse to high step in an attempt to avoid this horrific agony.  Although Magic has not been outside in years he continues to have these shoes put on him every 3 – 4 months.  Magic is not only a herd animal living in solitary confinement and not allowed outside – he is being tortured by this very controversial practice – for no reason!

It is clear from his cries and frequent inspections of his filthy stall, that Magic is suffering greatly. Pierce County Animal Control refuses to step in and do anything more than ‘suggest’ to the owners that they exercise Magic.

Please help us to get Magic away from these owners and out of this hidden torture chamber.   We must be the voice for the voiceless, we must hear the cries of the vulnerable.  Please don’t let Magic’s cries be in vain.

*****IF Magic can be freed without being purchased we will donate the funds raised here to his rehab / rescue center.  Many have come forward offering to help Magic.  We will likely go with SAFE (Save A Forgotten Equine) here in WA.  IF we cannot purchase Magic we will split the funds raised between local horse rescues.  We have high hopes that our fund raising, coupled with our petitin and facebook page will finally be able to gain the attention needed to free Magic.

Please sign our petition:   https://www.change.org/p/free-magic-from-his-cell-of-torture

Follow our page on facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1686163261656103/

RCW 16.52.207
Animal cruelty in the second degree—Penalty.

(a) Fails to provide the animal with necessary shelter, rest, sanitation, space, or medical attention and the animal suffers unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain as a result of the failure;

To me this is a bit vague. I would argue that Magic IS suffering unjustifiable pain by being confined for this length of time and being on those performance shoes.



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  1. Emily

    Spending 20k to “rescue” this horse is only rewarding the owner. He will probably go buy another horse with that money. The horse is well taken care of. Should he have turnout time? Absolutely. But he is not suffering. As the article states he is in good health. Use that 20k for horses who REALLY need help. You know, the ones sitting in pens awaiting shipment to slaughter? Thousands of horses killed every day. Help those, not a retired show horse in a nice stall.

  2. Equine apprasier

    The horse is being well taken care of. He has a big clean well vented stall. good hay and feed, clean water and is groomed.. Nothing anyone can do about this and no law exist saying a horse has to be turned out x amount of time a day.. He may have give 6k for the horse but the horses value may have increased or decreased I don’t know.. I gave 2k for a horse once and sold it 90 days later for 16k.. Why don’t y’all spend your energy and money on horses that really need help? You know the ones living in mud lots with a old rotted roll bale of hay where every bone on the horse is visible….The owner could and should lawyer up and file charges for harassment. Remember horses are livestock not pets.. I guess he could ship him off to slaughter… Would that make you feel better?

  3. dawndi Post author

    I don’t know the absolutes here, but I was told that the AC officers say “(a) Fails to provide the animal with necessary shelter, rest, sanitation, space, or medical attention” ARE being met. There is no statute that says he should be given access to the outside. That is the problem. The statute is subjective.
    Yes, they are in contact with lawyers – not sure what type but they have been successful in CA with legal animal matters. They had hoped the owner would sell Magic, as he said he would.

  4. Pretty Pitty

    The needed conditions for removal are right in the WA regs… “(a) Fails to provide the animal with necessary shelter, rest, sanitation, space, or medical attention”. He is getting neither the necessary space (confirmed) or sanitation (no pics but I assume those reporting the issue have first hand knowledge). Knowing a good bit about animal control (my husband is a retired ACO) I would bet that this is less about not having the needed regs. on the books and more about not wanting to deal with it or fear that the owner will file suit. Or it’s very possible that this owner is connected in some way to those making the decission on how the case is handled.

    Rather that setting up a Go Fund Me page to pay the owner (he’s just looking to make a profit by holding the animal hostage at this point) I think local supporters would be better served to use those funds to hire private counsel and bring suit against the city / county for failure to enforce the regs. on the books. Sometimes it’s more useful to use the system to fight the system. They should be aware that due to the politics invovled they will need to seek representation from someone well outside of the county.

    There are some other, more difficult, ways to exert pressure on all involved but those all require feet on the ground and people willing to stand up for the issue even while being threatened with legal action (or physical violence in some cases). I don’t know how determined or hard core this group of local supports is so this may not be an option for them.

    I do know if they come up with the $20K the price will suddenly be $25K. That’s how people like this owner work. Not only does he look to profit but my guess is (and I’ve seen dozens like him) but at this point he’s enjoying have all the power in this situation. He’s a little man in spirit and all this makes him feel big and important. If things get miserable enough for him then he’ll consider giving in but not before.

  5. dawndi Post author

    They are saying that even with all of the complaints submitted, the laws in WA state won’t allow charges.
    Now, who knows if ENOUGH complaints come in… somebody might review it that can make a difference.

  6. Valerie B.

    I filled out a complaint. The process was simple. You can google for the owners’ address. It’s a matter of public record.

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