Have you heard of the Aussie trainer, Steve Halfpenny? He had a movie coming out and the trailer looks VERY INTERESTING! Take a LOOK! (No affiliation)

I received the below email today where I was invited to view the trailer for the upcoming Steve Halfpenny movie…. so I watched the trailer.  Very interesting!  Take a look at the movie trailer here!


Hello, I’m an equestrian film director, and I’m currently in post-production for my new movie, based on the New York EQUUS Award Winning Australian horseman Steve Halfpenny. You can watch the trailer here: http://www.greyponyfilms.com/steve-halfpenny/

The film will be released in summer 2018.  A press press release follows & PDF and pictures attached below.
If you would like a free copy to review when it’s ready, I’d be happy to send one to you.
Best wishes,
Elaine Heney



  • NYC Award Winning Movie Director, Changing the Lives of Horses Through Film
  • ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Captivating’ New Horse Movie Coming to USA
  • Award-Winning Irish Film Director Makes Beautiful New Horse Movie
  • New Horse Movie Coming to USA in Summer 2018


    Many of the greatest horsemen and women of our time, work quietly without fuss or ego, day after day, making life better for the horses they meet. They don’t seek praise, or public recognition or large stands full of people. In fact, many are more comfortable avoiding the limelight altogether.

    But it is these rare people, with an indescribable and unpublicised talent, that are often the most rewarding people to learn from.

    One of these remarkable horsemen is an Australian called Steve Halfpenny. He has taught small clinics around the world for many years, but up until recently his name was known in small circles, by some of the most talented horse riders in the USA, Australia & Europe.

    Things began to change when he was invited to present at Equitana Australia a few years ago. At the event, he worked with a wild Waler horse called Radar. This horse was incredibly dangerous and had already been given up on due to some serious behavioural concerns.

    “Watching Steve with Radar at Equitana as part of the Waler challenge, was quite emotional. Steve didn’t ride him [as expected], but spent his time doing some groundwork and talking to people about the lessons he learned about Radar. Radar wasn’t ready to be ridden so Steve didn’t ride him. That was a big deal. I was full of admiration, because of the way Steve listened to the horse. Steve put the horse first. Very few horse trainers would do that.”

    Trisha Day, UK.

    Steve’s philosophy of always putting the horse first, regardless of the situation or external pressures, began to resonate to a much wider community.

    In 2017, Steve Halfpenny was approach by the award-winning Irish filmmaker, Elaine Heney.

    “I’ve known Steve for a few years. His empathy and communication with horses, takes my breath away away every time I see him work. There are very few people in this world who I would trust with a horse, and Steve is one of them. His work with horses is breath-takingly beautiful. It’s so unusual to find someone this talented who can also communicate his work with people.”

    Their first collaboration together, a short film shot in the UK, won the Best Equine Short Award at the NYC EQUUS Film Festival in November 2017, along with 9 other awards at international film festivals in 2017.

    Steve and his wife Irena, agreed to allow Elaine to film a full-length movie over four weeks in January 2018. The resulting film is a work of art and has been described in early reviews as ‘life-changing’, ‘intriguing’, ‘captivating’ and ‘emotional.’

    The movie is currently in post-production, and is due for release in the USA in summer 2018. You can pre-order your copy here: www.stevehalfpennymovie.com

    AND THE BONUS!…  Artist Tony O’Connor!

    Last week, I wrote about the amazing artist, Tony O’Connor…Well, I found out about him through this press release about the Steve Halfpenny movie because Tony was in the attached photos!  Since it was such a disconnect to see someone drawing for a horse training movie… I asked the director why they included that photo – what did it mean?   And she told me that Tony O’Connor drew some of Steve Halfpenny’s horses as a gift to Halfpenny during this movie!  Wow!  What a gift!

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  1. Bonnie J Bishop

    ASMR videos, sleep inducing, relaxation. This was the first thing i thought of when I heard this man’s voice.
    While that is good if you are home in bed, a think in a movie theater it would put people to sleep before they could get the benefit of the information, unless it sinks in subliminally.

    I am sure the man helps horses, as they also would love his soft relaxing voice.
    I am not being mean, it is just not a box office smash.
    My mother would go to Jacques Cousteau movies and her date would be angry because the bubbles put her to sleep every time. lol

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