Have you heard of LynQ? It is a tracking device between people in a group… COULD BE PERFECT for endurance riders, trail riders or wild horse photographers out in the field! (no affiliation)

I received an email about this company:  LYNQ.

I have not used the product and I have no affiliation.  But, it seems like it could be a very good idea for groups that have a potential of being separated – like trail riders, endurance riders and field photographers.  OR… KEEPING TRACK of your off lease pet…. OR, using attached to a halter if you have to release your horse due to disaster.

OR, just keep it on your horse’s bridle and your belt – if you are a back country rider – in case you have a spooking accident.

I can think of a million ways to use this!  I bet you can, too.  (Tracking your kids, your elder parent… )


LynQ Technologies Press Contact:

Cara Morgan/Tandem Marketing Communications




Launch follows successful Indiegogo campaign that raised over $1.7 million and shipping to presale backers

Las Vegas – January 6, 2020 – Keeping tabs of friends and family at ski slopes, parks, festivals and pretty much anywhere in the outdoors just got easier. LynQ is the people compass that keeps groups together by locating anyone without the need for phones, networks or infrastructure of any kind. After selling more than 20,000 units totaling in $1.7 million in presales on Indiegogo and shipping to its campaign backers, LynQ announced today it is officially commercially shipping.

“We’ve all been in a situation where we are trying to find or stay connected with a friend, family member or colleague in a crowded space or during an off-the-grid activity, but our phones, apps and trackers that require signal just don’t work. LynQ is intended to help people enjoy activities together without waiting, worrying and wandering around, looking for their group,” said Karina Costa, President of LynQ.

Available today on lynqme.com, LynQ features an intuitive compass-like display that allows people to see their relative distance and direction from each other, keeping people together even when other technology fails. It has been rigorously tested in many outdoor exercises through partnerships with organizations across multiple industries, including winter sports, festivals, theme parks and even the government. In a joint exercise between the U.S. and Thai governments, LynQ was able to demonstrate a reduction of time spent locating wounded soldiers by 61 percent – a result published in a formal government report by U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM).

Easy-to-Use By Everyone

Ideal for outdoor adventures, LynQ allows groups of up to 12 to find each other across miles without the need for phones, apps, subscription fees and reliance on cell phone networks. The weather-proof, clip- on device uses a proprietary software to display each users’ distance and direction from each other in real-time and allows for tens of thousands of devices to work in the same vicinity.

LynQ can be set up in seconds, pairing devices and enter names with a simple one-button interface. A simple click allows users to move between their group members, displaying a user’s name, arrow and number of feet that are visible under any conditions on a backlit and glare-protected screen. Users can also set boundaries for their group, receiving sound, optical and vibration alerts the instant someone leaves the safe zone, which is perfect for young kids, pets and those with special needs or Alzheimer’s. In addition, a “homebase” (i.e. base camp, car, ski lift or hotel) can be set as an anchor for everyone to find each other.

Useful in Any Outdoor Situation
LynQ Technologies Press Contact:

Cara Morgan/Tandem Marketing Communications



LynQ is a valuable tool for any outdoor application. This includes helping adventure seekers go off-the- grid and enjoy skiing, hiking, traveling, cycling and more without the need to worry about cell service, maps or phone battery life. Additional use cases include:

?  Child safety – Parents can feel comfort in knowing exactly where their children are while allowing them the freedom to explore.
?  Special Needs Care – Caretakers and family members can monitor their patients or loved ones that are at risk to wander.
?  Public events – From music festivals to sporting events, networks are often overloaded, eliminating cell signal while maps are useless in crowds and without landmarks.
?  Disaster relief, first responders and government applications – When locating people is a matter of life and death and infrastructure is destroyed, LynQ is able to save lives.
?  Pets – Keeping tabs on pets during hikes or animals in open fields has never been simpler. Availability & Full Tech Specs
LynQ can withstand any situation with a design and features that include:
?  Size – Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 1” Weight: 84g
?  Long range and long lasting – Range of up to three miles and up to three days in mixed use.
?  Real-time distance and direction – Display shows the distance & direction of every group

member at all times.
?  Groups – Creates a closed private network for groups of up to 12 people.
?  Boundaries and Notifications – Alert system lights up, vibrates and rings the instant a group

member or child leaves a user-designated safe zone.
?  “Homebase” – “Homebase” locations can easily be set to return to static locations, such as a

car, campsite, bike station or landmark.
?  Technology – LynQ’s proprietary radio protocols redefine the capabilities of peer-to-peer

?  Durability – The government-tested device is designed to withstand any climate or situation

with its weatherproof and waterproof durability.
?  Multi-wear – Includes rugged carabiner clip that can snap onto clothing or gear and can be

slipped into a pocket, pack or pouch.
LynQ has begun shipping and is available for purchase today on LynQ’s website. Pricing starts at $249 for

a 2-pack. For more information, please visit: lynqme.com.


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