HAS anyone used WILD FED horse feed? I just purchased some. Sounds interesting…

Have you heard of Wild Fed horse feed?  Have you used it?  Please let me know!

I read about it but it isn’t sold in my area, so I asked a friend to purchase 5 bags and bring them the next time she visited.  And she did!

The reason I am interested is because it is clean.  And affordable.


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  1. Sheree Glasscock

    First and Foremost , gratitude to Dawn , for continuing to open doors for all our lives , Thank You !!! I ordered the supplements for joint support , and am very pleased with it !!! I’ve been feeding Platinum for years , and will continue to , but this new introduction seems to aid further . My mare is 14 , and in her previous home was a reiner . Her shoulder was “out” when she came to me , and after chiropractic visits , stall rest with hand walking , and supportive supplements , she’s doing great . This product is a welcomed aid .

  2. Jessica

    I feed this to my four horses at the recommendation of one of my friends that is really into feeding and caring for her animals the best way possible. They are all doing great! Even my 23 year old and my hard keeper. I consider the cost high compared to typical feeds, but I am not feeding as much of it as I was of typical feeds. I feed just over a half of a scoop of feed once a day and they have free choice hay. I am supplementing a bit of extra fat for the tough keepers (flax is good), but that is just me. I could up the feed and it would be fine, I just figure the other is cheaper and stretches better. The only gripe I have is about availability. Our feed store ran out and you are SOL since it isn’t carried at many places. I hope that helps!

  3. dawndi Post author

    Thank you! I, the blogger, would not have a use for it but I think several on this forum might be very interested…

  4. Calvin48

    I went on the Wild Fed site and I could not find anywhere that gave the price. I’m wondering what you consider “affordable” ? I live in Colorado and there are several dealers here, although none close to me. The price of horse fed has gotten crazy high – in many cases it has doubled in the past two years. I can’t afford senior feed for my 20yo horse, so I make my own with beet pulp, wheat bran, hay pellets and cracked corn. I also have added supplements. His teeth are still good, so he can eat grass and hay.

  5. Wendy

    The 2 main ingredients are not organic and they could be, and one of them is a legume. For the price it doesn’t make sense to me. Sounds like they are only 40lb bags (50 per pallet – 1 ton pallets?).
    Have you seen the feeding instructions!? That’s a lot of feed! “If you feed hay, you are using this feed to add weight to your horse.” “If your horse is overweight only use this feed as a treat.” WHA?!
    I can’t seem to get answers.

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