Has anyone tried TRIBUTE EQUINE NUTRITION? It is now on the West Coast… am curious…(no soy, low sugar/starch for Insulin resistant horses)

I saw in a magazine what I thought was a new product… Tribute Equine Nutrition.  It was not widely available… no feed store near me carried it.


The more I explored, the more I was curious.  It is run by a farming family – and then a farming cooperative.  The website was very robust… I learned that it has been available East of the Mississippi.

I wondered if any of you use this product?  I couldn’t figure out if this was like a Purina feed?  Or if it was more boutique in style?…

I liked the ingredients because it doesn’t include soy.  And, from their website, “Tribute products have low levels of starch, sugar and non-structural carbohydrates (NSC). Low NSC levels are beneficial for hyperactive or excitable horses or those that suffer from metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, Cushing’s disease or laminitis.”

I went online and ordered a bag to be shipped to me!

HAVE ANY OF YOU TRIED IT?   Please let me know your thoughts!


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  1. dawndi Post author

    I was reading the ingredients for the Balancer, the one I could get out here, and it says NO SOY. I wonder if it is the only one without soy?

  2. Gina

    Tribute feeds are common here in Indiana. My small town local store carries them, as do the bigger chain farm stores. I’ve fed Kalm & EZ for years. I got started with this brand when my store was out of a much higher priced brand of senior feed that I had been feeding, so I had to get a bag of Tribute’s senior feed instead. In looking at the labels, I ended up switching to Kalm & EZ for the whole herd. Biggest ingredient is beet pulp, so that worked for everybody, and the old horse held weight well on it. It’s designed so you can feed a LOT of it if necessary in lieu of forage, so it needs mineral supplement fed with it in order for that part to be covered.
    With all that said, I don’t know if different regions have different ingredients, but the list I am looking at on the site I went to does show soybean hulls as the second ingredient and ground extruded whole soybeans as the fourth, with dehulled soybean meal fifth, and soybean oil seventh. So that’s a whole lot of soy. Here’s a link to what I’m seeing, and what’s on the bag labels of what I feed. https://tributeequinenutrition.com/sites/default/files/920P.pdf
    My gang has done okay on it, though they’re all still fatties and I am lot seeing the nice hair coats that I’d like. And I have one horse with mysterious soreness (both body and feet) that I can seem to solve (yet). ALL the feeds available here in the midwest have soy in them, unfortunately. It’s a super common by-product and the feed companies use it for economic reasons.

  3. Cynthia Buczkowske

    Have used the feed in the past . Vet approved and recommended. Go for it. I currently use the treats for my horse who has Cushings which is under control.

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