HALLELUJAH! A shelter! Thank you TERESA CABA, this “Cabana” is named in your honor!

Most of you know I’ve been fretting about not having enough trees or shelter for the horses at the new house.

My incredible cousins, Nick and Teresa Caba, donated a shelter for Annie.  (Nick and I were close as kids but I rarely see or speak with them now.  If you see them, give them a huge hug!)

Now, first, let me step back and say a word…  My immediate family has no interest in this blog and doesn’t read it or ask about it or the horses (long story).  My cousin’s wife, Teresa, who isn’t a horse person at all, is kind enough to check in every now and then.  I think my cousin, Nancy, also checks in from time to time.  Also, Hubby’s mother does the same.  Very appreciated by me, for sure.

OK, now the story… my cousin’s wife TERESA intuited that I was struggling – so she asked to purchase one of my diamond pieces.  I was happy to do that… But then she said, “You know…. I want you to keep the ring.  I want to donate the money to your Foundation so that Annie (one of the Foundation horses) can have a shelter.  Why don’t we just do that instead.  You keep the ring.”

And that was it.  She immediately donated the money.  She didn’t ask for a thing.  Just, ‘there you go’.  You need it, now you have it.  No obligation or worry.  The money is yours.  Here.  Take it and be happy and I don’t need anything in return.

Can you believe that?!  Me, neither.  Blew me away.  It still makes me cry as I write about it.


A huge round of applause for Nick and TERESA Caba!   I hereby christen Annie’s shelter, “The Cabana”, in honor of their gift.

This is my cousin, Nick, and his angel wife, Teresa. If you see them, run up and hug them for me.


For me, the lesson is in the doing.  Sure, we all can do things for other people easily.  But often we don’t because of so many reasons…   But it is the ‘follow through’, the doing that makes a difference in another person’s life.

Is there something I can easily do to remedy a burden in the life of someone else?  That’s what happened today.  Teresa took that step.  And in doing so, she made a huge impact on my life.

For me, sitting on the right side of Horsegod is Teresa.  She reached out from far away  and fixed it for me.  Just like that.

A great lesson.  A great human.

HOT OFF THE PRESS PHOTOS – and it is raining!!

It will rain for another 4 days.  I am so relieved to have this shelter.  So relieved.

And, Annie, Dodger and Norma are all using it.  They don’t care about the sound of the rain on the metal roof.  They are all under it like bugs in a rug.

Thank you, horsegods, for pushing Teresa my way.

It is thundering and raining… and they are snug as bugs. Phew!

I am going to watch the storms and see if I need to add roll-up canvas on the far side or on the backside. Right now, they are dry.


JANUARY 2017 BUCKET FUND!  In honor of Mama Tess, we are offering the MAMA TESS’ OLD AND FORGOTTEN FUND supporting the very old and forgotten horses who landed at The Golden Carrot.  You can read their story here.  Please help if you can.  The Bucket has $840.  Our goal is $2640.

Donate here!  100% Tax deductible.  THANK YOU!

This is late 20s early 30s, gorgeous Glory!

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  1. INA M ISH

    Am so pleased for you . I know how much it means to have shelter for the horses. Your cousin is wonderful!

  2. Christine

    Over here in the UK we have a saying “You can choose your friends, but not your family” and yes, that is true. Sometimes it’s hard to get on with family members than it is with friends. We have all been there!

    But… your Cousin Nick and his wife Teresa seem wonderful people. Extremely generous of them to donate such a brilliant shelter. You must be overjoyed.

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