GREAT, AMAZING NEWS for our April Bucket Fund wild foals SINCLAIR AND OSCAR (CARTER)!

I received this email from Montgomery Creek Ranch!  We love this mustang sanctuary and are absolutely thrilled that these babies will have an amazing life there.

These are two of the foals that we had an Emergency Bucket Fund last month to save their lives through LRTC, the team who went to the Virginia Range to rescue these babies.  Sinclair’s mom did not have any milk.   Oscar (Carter) was the baby who ended up in the wrong herd and his mother lost interest once they reunited them.

To Sinclair’s story, click here.

To read Oscar’s story, click here.


Hi Dawn,

Sinclair was found on Nevada’s Virginia Range in extremely poor condition. Local volunteers with the American Wild Horse Campaign alerted their colleagues trained in rescue, and when they arrived Sinclair was crashing.

At 36 hours old, she had never received the milk she needed. She was rushed to the emergency equine vet and was stabilized, receiving the colostrum and a plasma transfusion.

Sinclair on her way to the ER with a trained Technical Large Animal Rescue volunteer.

She went to a local rescue, LBL Equine for a few weeks, and in a short period of time, Sinclair and her pal Carter (another orphan) will be headed to Montgomery Creek Ranch’s satellite facility in Sonoma!

Would you consider making a contribution to the care of our new foals?

Sinclair and Carter sleeping in the sun at LBL Equine Rescue.

For the next several weeks, we will care for these two precious youngsters and ready them for adoption. Our team will work to find them exceptional homes and in the meantime, will be on-call for the next group in the event that the volunteers in Nevada need us.

Please consider making a contribution today towards the care of Sinclair and Carter.

Thank you so much for your support,

Ellie Phipps Price, cofounder, Montgomery Creek Ranch

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