GRASSHAPPY HORSES! The rain comes again tonight, but for now, horse heaven.

Today, the farrier came.  We talked, we laughed… and I totally forgot to take any pics!

Not one.  Nada.

So, tonight, after feeding, I brought out my camera and took pics of grasshappy horses!  On the rotation, it was the Tennessee Walkers and Morgan night.  (I try to graze in the 5 acres at night, when the grass is less potent.)

I opened the gates.   First came BG.  Then Wrigley, of course.  He came running once he noticed that the gate was open.  Then Finn sauntered out.  Then Gwen.  She was the furthest away and also she’s the oldest.    She takes her time.  Smart girl.

Happy horses.  5 acres of low, new grass.  Dangerous but lovely.

First, Beautiful Girl.

Then BG up front and Wrigley behind.

Then Finn inserted himself – on right.

Here we have Gwen on the left, BG, Wrig behind and an arrow showing Finn’s tail.


Little Dodger is a bit afraid to go into the big field.  He will only go if Norma goes with him, and he stays by the fence.  I think he isn’t confident anymore, since he doesn’t see as well and doesn’t hear hardly at all.

So, since he yearns for green grass, and there is PLENTY outside of his paddock, Hubby lugged over some panels so that I could erect a little green grass stall.

I figure I can make a little maze out of panels.  Extending every few days… fresh grass… a little more… pretty soon they will have the whole area around their paddock nice and mowed!

Here is Dodger walking into his new grass carpeted stall.

I love this shot of his beard. Norma follows with her dense and curly coat. She is a curly coated donkey.

It is a very small area. I don’t want any founder. As you can see, we have lots of room to extend out and lots and lots of grass in their futures!

You can see that they are in a very small area. Lots of room to expand.

Hubby hauled a bunch of panels out across this area. I will set them up outside each paddock – but right now, the ground is so saturated, I cannot let the heavier horses out on it – even just standing. They will sink in and make the ground full of hoof holes.

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