GOOD NEWS for your Wednesday! A Rojo, Remi and Sam update!

An update from SkyDog Sanctuary… from Clare, the founder, who graciously took my Stang Gang into her fold so they could live out the rest of their years – free.

*The chestnut gelding with the long blaze is Foxy.  He had no herd when he arrived at Skydog so Clare put him in with the Stang Gang.  They accepted him, no issues!

From Clare:

Yesterday it snowed all day but the horses loved it and everywhere I went there were galloping snorting bucking ponies having a good old time. They seem to love rolling in the snow and even though we throw their hay under tree cover they stand right in the middle of the open spaces and get covered in as much of the white stuff as they can. I took some photographs of “Dawn’s herd” as they ran about. These are three beautiful mustangs rescued from various situations that we said we would take to live out their lives here with us. Remy has a sad story – she was rescued from a feedlot in Washington and found to have had the same owner from the time she was rounded up at 2 in Oregon. Dawn called her previous owner and he had no idea that his kids had sent his two beloved horses to a kill pen. He was 92 years old and cried asking where his other mare was. It is such a sad truth that many horses get into a tragic situation due to the death of their owners and we hope that possibly his other horse was rescued too but we will never know. He called her Headlight due to her huge blaze as you could always spot her in the dark wherever she was. The second mare Sam was rescued from a feedlot in Nevada where she and 50 very pregnant mares had been dumped after they were rounded up when they strayed on to private land. Sadly when wild horses sometimes cross an invisible line they lose all their protection as BLM horses and become estray which means they can be rounded up and sold straight to kill buyers for their meat. Dawn rescued Sam and two weeks later she had a beautiful foal. The third horse Rojo actually went through the BLM carson city prison program but seemingly wants nothing to do with being ridden or handled. All three are such sweet horses and they are a joy to watch. They now have three new herd mates in Foxy, Sundance and Butler and have settled in with their new friends as if they have known each other all their lives. Here are Rojo, Remy and Sam running wild x

Remy with her broad blaze and sweet Sam

Remy and Sam hanging out

Remy running in the snow

Running full gallop into the woods

Foxy is usually running with these three nowadays – Sundance and Butler weren’t far behind

Throwing a buck feels pretty good in this weather

Foxy and Rojo coming out of the trees

Running for the fun of it x

Wild horses like to act wild sometimes x

Remy Headlight

 I LOVE THESE UPDATES. (I hope you do, too.)   So bittersweet for me.  I miss them so much, but I know this life is way better for them.  


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