GEARING UP! BG, GWEN AND I find a training barn!

As you all know, where I live now is not good for any kind of safe training or working of horses – no flat land.  Because of this, I’ve not been inclined to work or train any of my horses HERE.  I’ve been inclined to work and train, but just not here.

What to do, what to do?

At first I thought that the Work Ranch might be perfect for Finn and I, and it still might be in time… but for now, there is just too much going on there for me (and Finn) to feel secure.

So I called a ranch that is very close by to me (about 3 minutes in the trailer) with the apt name, CLOSE BY RANCH.  Funny that.

Anyway, I asked if she allowed other people to use their facility for a fee.  She said YES!

Hmmmmm.  I went there to check it out and thought it would be a better fit for me and my style of training  It has a huge arena, half covered.  There were two round pens, one in the shade, a barn with cross ties and a wash rack, plus ample area to walk around and take rides through vineyards.  And, she has stalls for 65 horses… with only 9 living there.  So, peace and quiet.

This is the bottom of my street and the arrow shows the covered arena of Close By Ranch. it is very close by.


First, I took BG.

She was very calm.  There were no other animals to worry about and only a few horses.  Lots of space to discover new things… the arena has a dressage mirror, which BG remembered from an arena long ago.

BG really had no issues with anything.  We walked through all the barns from every direction, we went between the horse facilities, we walked around the round pens, the arenas, the outdoor stalls, the outdoor paddocks, the tractors and scary things… it was all good.

Then I brought her back the next day and we did it all over again.   No issues.

So, I joined.

The next day, I brought Gwen.

Of course, all 23 years of Gwendolyn turned into total show horse.  Here I thought she would be the ‘been there done that’ horse… but, Gwen is her Mama’s daughter.  After blowing, snorting and raising herself up a few feet, we pranced around the place until she settled down.

By the end of the hour, Gwen was all good with it, too.

Next, I will bring Finn.

The quiet and familiarity of Close By Ranch – with our known and usual training apparatus – will make this facility more comfortable for me (and therefore the horses) in the short run.

This is BG tied to my trailer. (She has not totally shed out yet.) The covered round pen is behind her. Vineyard to the left.

Here we are near the hot walker. Another round pen is in front of her.

Grazing by the ‘post of patience training’.

This is the covered arena. Two barns off to the left – with ample stalls, cross ties, mats and wash racks.

Here we are in front of the mirror.  You can see some of the outdoor paddocks behind.

BG as she follows me around on our walkabout. Nothing phased her.

The next day, I took Gwen. She was very snorty and puffed up for the first 20 minutes. Here we near the outdoor paddocks. Only 9 horses live here and there are over 65 stalls and paddocks.

Gwen in the covered part of the arena. No big deal, she says!


My intention is to get myself and my horses ready for riding again.  It has been 2 years since we were sympatico in the saddle.  Truly, of my own horses, I’ve only ridden Finn a few times last month – in 2 years!  Finn and the others have just been hanging out at home while I get settled and all the other stuff I did… before figuring out about us (me and the horses).

Here, at Close By Ranch, I can use the round pen, the arena and all the outdoor areas to train and work.   And, IT IS ALL FLAT!!!  Once the horses and I are hooked up with ground work again, I will get on their backs, and ride!

Very excited!

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  1. Calvin48

    Good luck with your plans. I moved far far away from my home of over 40 years in May ‘17, with three horses. It really does take a long time to get settled in and back to a schedule for riding.

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