GABE, a 4 year-old wild horse is saved from a ditch!

I saw this wild rescue by LRTC (who were have helped via Bucket Funds) and I wanted to share with you all.  This is why we support groups who do such good work!


Wild Horse Connection
Update LRTC (rescue) was able to successfully get Gabe unstuck. We will have our volunteers monitor his condition over the next few days. New photos added. We have such an amazing rescue team, thank you LRTC!!
Sometimes people ask what all we do, so photos show much more than we can describe. I got this call from someone who was hiking in the hills that a horse was trapped in a ravine. Immediately got the LRTC rescue team involved. We sent 3 of our volunteers that are familiar with this area up to assess and get us these photos. Two of our trained rescue team responded shortly after. With these photos the technical team was able to get all the equipment together and a full certified rescue team. This is currently happening and the team will be arriving shortly, they will have to hike up a mile with all the necessary equipment. We will update with the outcome. So now when you hear about rescues this gives you an idea. We are so thankful for all of the LRTC rescue team and the hours of training and certifications to assist in these emergencies.

*I was told by Willis from LRTC that the volunteers have been given permission to start diversity feeding until the wild grasses come up again.  Yes, Gabe is a bit thin… and that is because he is a growing young horse and the range is sparse right now.


LRTC and the Wild Horse Connection has known Gabe since his birth 3.5 years ago.  Here are pics taken by those who watch over the Virginia Range wild horses.

From the Wild Horse Connection FB post:

Gabe…you were in the arms of so many angels today. We are beyond grateful that you are still with us …Wild & Free on the Virginia Range!
Gabe was our amazing rescue today, stuck in a tight ravine, he is a 3.5 year old bachelor stallion. He is typically seen with four other bachelor boys and we are certain they will all meet up again soon


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Big Sexy needs his eye surgery!  Our poor filly needs so many bandage changes and healing meds…

We are halfway to our goal!


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