FRONTIER TRAILERS… have you seen them? They’re LITTLE! For mini horses, show sheep, goats and pigs! (no affiliation)

I was driving today… and came upon a truck pulling a beautiful trailer… except the trailer was very small!


So many of you have asked me about mini-horse trailers after I wrote about a company who made them – very long ago – who has since gone out of business.

Alas!  I was driving right next to a really nice, mini rig!

I had to check it out.  So, I drove up close and took a photo of the name.  Frontier.

I looked it up.

I got close enough…

It looked just like a nice, aluminum horse trailer, just smaller.

FRONTIER TRAILERS – for smaller livestock.  A Niche Market!  Smart.

Here is the website, but I found their FB page much more informative.

After perusing the FB page, I noted that they have had booths at our local Fairs (We have a huge Mid State Fair here in Paso Robles, CA) and they have shown at the California State Fair which is near Grass Valley.   Interesting that I have never noted them previously!

Anyway, they make aluminum stock and regular trailers, with all the same feature of horse trailers,  for smaller animals!  What I love is that they are able to add COLOR!

How Fun!

click to go to the fb page

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Click to go to FB page


I’m guessing that their horse trailer business isn’t as strong as their small animal business because I cannot find many pics of the horse trailers.  Although the website shows more than the FB page.

I would love to have a colored trailer!

Click to go to the website

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  1. Alexis

    Love love love this! Especially from a safety standpoint. Miniature horses (and other miniature or small livestock) don’t do well in a standard horse trailer – “standard” actually having increased exponentially in size over the decades. When we had to haul minis to a vet clinic or a show we had built dividers specifically to accommodate their tiny sizes and make hauling safer.

    Funny hauling story: a friend helped rehome a rather tall Saddlebred (is that all redundant?) whose human family had fallen on desperate times. Delivery to my barn was an issue as most everyone involved was in another state (pre-pandemic) at a show. So this lovely elderly gentleman Saddlebred consented to being transported in a sheep trailer the four or five miles needed to go from his former home to my barn. Moreover, no one had thought to put a halter and leadrope on him, they said they just opened the trailer gate and in he went, ducking his head low and standing with head lowered as the roof was RIGHT there. When he arrived and the sheep trailer gate was opened, in a very dignified manner he stepped quietly off the trailer and stood waiting to be haltered, after which he sighed a very big Saddlebred sigh and walked confidently into the barn. We had him in our care until he passed at age 37 from a heart murmer gone really bad, but he never again had to ride in a sheep trailer.

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