Frenemies. Dominic and Dalton meet.

Dom and Dalton could see each other from their prospective paddocks, but they couldn’t touch. So I put Dominic and Dalton across the fence from each other.

But first, I had to have a plan.  No fence breaking.

Purposefully, I put Dominic in the arena, above Dalton’s pasture.  I figured that if they broke fences, the arena was the best place for that.

Exactly what I thought would happen, happened.

Dom ran over to Dalton, tail flagging, spouting horsey stuff and prancing like a wild stallion.

Dalton held his head up and greeted Dom – and watched Dom’s schenannygans.

In the end, they were not walking the fence line, nosetonose, becoming best of friends.  Instead, they agreed to disagree and quietly went into their own corners.  Frenemies.

For the rest of the day, the two never hung out again.  Sad.

Below is my photo journal.

PS:  I was far away… sorry for the blurry shots

Dom runs over to Dalton with his tail flagging. Dalton had his ears up.

They sniff and Dom squeals and kicks the fence. Dalton does nothing.

Dom ran around screaming then came back. Dalton stayed where he was.

Are they settling in? Nope. Dom started bashing the fence and then ran back to me.

Here’s Dom, running back to me. Dalton is in the background.

about 2 minutes later, Dalton returned to his regular spot, where he can look at Finn, Mo and Missy Miss.



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