HE FOUGHT SO HARD TO LIVE… and now he is struck with CANCER. IMMEDIATE intervention is needed. Let’s help Swayze, our MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, survive to meet his new herdmate!

When Swayze was rescued from the slaughter feedlot, he was barely alive.  He was so skinny, neglected and ill, he went down twice in the trailer.  No one thought Swayze would survive, but Skydog Sanctuary didn’t want him to die in that horrible lot so they saved him, hoping and praying he would make it to the nearest Emergency Vet.

Swayze made it to the vet and… fought.  He fought hard.  He wanted to live.  Eventually he was stable enough to make the journey to the incredible SkyDog Sanctuary in Oregon.  For the past few months,  Swayze has been healing and living happily with his slaughter feedlot penmate (who has since proved pregnant)  girlfriend, Priscilla.

They are devoted to each other after all they have been through together.

On the trailer to Skydog and safely, after surviving the slaughter feedlot. Best friends, Swayze and pregnant Priscilla.

Very sickly, but alive… Swayze arrives to SkyDog where he spent several months recovering – and herding with his girlfriend, Priscilla, who was rescued with him.

Except…ALL IS NOT HAPPY.  HE HAS RECTAL CANCER and will not survive much longer without IMMEDIATE intervention.

Now, after all Swayze has been through, the vets have found cancerous tumors all over his rectum – which are preventing him from eliminating properly – and will soon end his life.

The cancer will kill him.  It is bad.  Very bad.

This is a cancerous tumor on his tail. The tumors on his rectum are graphic.

Priscilla, his love, is due any moment…


But, the cancer tumors on his rectum can be removed with surgery!

No one wants to put down this determined and loving gelding.  He’s been through so much!  He has such a personality and loves his sweet, pregnant friend, Priscilla.  Everyone who meets Swayze is moved by his kindness, strength and love for his little herd.

Bend Equine Medical Center is also very hopeful for Swayze and have given a very kind estimate of $2300 to save him.

We can do this!

Saving this horse and allowing him to live the life he fought to keep, means so much to me, personally.  We can help him live to meet his new, tiny herdmate – to teach him/her about this world!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you so much!

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Swayze being examined by Bend Equine. They feel strongly that they can save him!

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