For the love of a pony… Gwen has a new boyfriend.

Well… out of the best plans sometimes comes an unexpected reality.

As most of you know, I adopted one-eyed terror Shetland pony, Rocky Balboa, for Norma Jean.  Norma Jean is my 29 year-old donkey who has lost both of her long-time pony paddockmates in the past few years.  She had lived with them for 27 years… and she was lonely for them.  Norma didn’t seem to like other donkeys, so I thought I would get her another pony.  When Rocky came along, I assumed that this would be a perfect matchup.  Norma needed a pony and Rocky needed a home.

Unfortunately, Rocky wasn’t down with it.

Although Norma spent a lot of time trying to ingratiate herself to this elusive Shetland, Rocky just wasn’t having it.  Yes, he’d eat with her… but that was about it.  Most of the time, he would stand closest to the Big Girl paddock and moon at them.

Finally, Norma got the hint and started to hang out more with the other donkeys (Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles) because Rocky spent all of his time rubbing against the fence line closest to the Big Girls.

Although it was against my better judgement, I let Rocky into the Big Girl paddock and held my breath.  I was afraid he’d get kicked – badly.  But, as it turns out, he’s a plucky little badboy and I was more worried about Gwen than Rocky!  (BG wanted NOTHING to do with him – and he astutely stays away from her.)

After a few days of jostling and high squeals from both of them, Gwen and Rocky have come to a separate peace.  Gwen allows him to be her guardian and he moons all over her.  It is very cute.

Gwen, as an older girl, has a younger, smaller, toughy boyfriend.  Well… she probably doesn’t think of him as her boyfriend, but Rocky does.




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