FLOPPY KITTY taunts the puppy… Final score: Kitty: about 100, Puppy: 0.

Today, I had my camera because the farrier was here.

While organizing things, I noted Floppy Kitty on top of the Orchard Grass.  Vivey puppy (10  month old) was stalking her.  Well, Vivey thought she was stalking the kitty… but a 10 month-old puppy has no skills against an 11 year-old, super smooth cat.

So, Floppy taunted Vivey mercilessly – and won.

Here is the footage:

Puppy notices kitty…

Puppy gets excited and hatches a plan!  (That’s Gwen in the background.)

Puppy’s plan is to run around the stack. Kitty is nonplussed.

Yawn. Ho Hum. Kitty strolls to the front of the stack as unknowing puppy runs around again.

Puppy finally notices that Kitty is on the move. Wait, What?!

Puppy tries to grab the Kitty. Kitty barely even notices. She just crooks her tail.

Puppy is shocked and taken aback by her failure. Kitty taunts once again.

Puppy, ever the optimist, gets Puppy Game Face on again and challenges the Kitty who is peering over the stack at nothing – making herself vulnerable.

La De Dah… just a Kitty here, not even looking… available for ambush by puppy.

Yup, ho hum. Very vulnerable Kitty, lolling around on top of the hay.

Vivey jumps up, makes nose to nose contact – and gets heavily bopped by claw to the snout.

Kitty shouts down the ‘what fors’ while puppy is shaking her head. “What just happened?”

Why’d ya hit me on the nose?

Kitty: I didn’t mean to… Ohhhh, whooops, I’m a falling, very vulnerable kitty!!

Another grab attempt met by a right hook to the jaw!

Puppy: Whydja hit me? Kitty: Because I can.

Kitty: Oooops, I’m slipping off… Puppy: Uh, I may be only 10 month-old, but I’m not falling for it again.

Puppy: I’m out.

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