FIRST LOOK – MUST WATCH (I produced this!) WILD LANDS, WILD HORSES! Come watch the trailer and PLEASE FORWARD!

I was a commercial producer in my past life.   I still produce a bit here and there.  Last year, Jamie Baldanza (an amazing wild horse photographer) asked me to produce her pilot for Wild Lands, Wild Horses.

I jumped at the opportunity!


What is a producer?  Well, to make it simple, we ‘throw the party’.  We are the organizer of all things.  Locations, equipment, interviews, travel, vehicles… everything.  However, we don’t shoot anything or direct any action.


WATCH THIS BEAUTIFUL FOOTAGE of the trailer for WILD LANDS, WILD HORSES.  Jamie has 12 more episodes planned.  I cannot wait for the wild horses to come center stage in Wild Land, Wild Horses – the series!

Click here to watch the trailer!

(Follow the series at:  FB, or You Tube!)

Click image to watch the trailer for Wild Lands, Wild Horse!

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  1. Laurie

    This is powerful !
    Such beauty !
    Makes you want to see more…….
    I shared.
    Thank you

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