FERNANDO THE GREAT was here today!

I have the best farrier on the planet.  Fernando Arias.  Not only does he give great, balanced trims, but he always helps me out when I’m desperately in need of a smart, strong ranch hand.

…Once Fernando even dug a hole and sunk a post for me!

Today… he helped me (and my bad hips) construct a catch-pen for when Annie needs to leave on Saturday.  Annie has traveled a few times, but never from here.  And, I’m afraid she will not be wiling to leave her friends to load.

So, we built the catch pen today.  Fernando the Great was here!

TODAY.  Thank you to all the unsung Fernandos in the world!

Wrigley was a very good boy.

Gwen, always perfect, was standing at the ready.

Next up was Beautiful Girl with Finn in the background.

when it was Finn’s turn, Annie looked on in the background.

Even Missy Miss was good today!

Mo, supervising Missy Miss’ trim.

Dodger and Norma… the old folks. Both perfect.

Dalton tried to misbehave, but Fernando would have none of it. Dalton is the youngest around here, and the most playful.

Wrigley suggesting that he would be willing to get trimmed again if he got more treats…

Annie’s catch pen. You can see Fernando in the way back, securing the panel to the post. Thank horsegods for the Fernandos of the world!


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