Yesterday was a big day around here!  Fernando the amazing farrier arrived!  Everyone here really needed trimming because the grass has been so rich and green.  Feet are growing rapidly!


Fernando the Great farrier standing here with Gwen.

Missy Miss. She was not a good girl on her last foot, today. She lost her patience and was very naughty.

Dodger loves Fernando because Fernando gets really low to the ground when he trims. This helps Dodger’s very old joints.

Missy Miss was doing a little mowing before her trim – which was why she was so naughty. She wanted to get back to her job!

Dodger’s pretty front feet!

Norma is very shaggy… not quite shedding yet. Look at those fuzzy tufts of curly eyebrows. Dodger finished his breakfast while he waited for Norma to have her feet done.

Dodger gives a longing look over to Missy Miss who was mowing the lawn between the pastures.

Norma slimed Fernando’s clean shirt.

Meanwhile, Wrigley (left), Finn (top of hill) and BG (inside paddock – you can only see her neck) are continuing to mow the alley between their pasture and Annie’s.

I put up panels so that Annie could mow in front of her pasture.

And here is her muddy self! I groomed her and she is just beautiful today!

I saw these on FB and they made me laugh!

It is just a highly adjustable doll… but it looks like it has so much personality!


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