Farrier day! Let’s check in with everyone here!

Sunday – yes, Sunday – the Farrier came!  He had to cancel our appointment during the week, so since he was coming my way to visit his sister on Sunday anyway, he offered to do my horses.

Yay!  I love Fernando.  (I’m sure you have heard me say that before… He’s the one who set his own post here so he could have a secure trimming area.)


Finn was first. He is such a good boy!

Missy Miss was 4th, but I forgot to take pics of Wrigley and BG while they were being trimmed. Fernando and I always start gabbing and then time flies… You can see Gwen in the rear here. She is always the best when it comes to farrier day. She stands like a perfect angel – which she isn’t… but for the farrier, she is.

Fernando working on Dodger who insisted on being trimmed in front of the fan. (Smart old guy…). Norma is on deck.


Fernando brought his son, Fernando, with him on this day since they were both going to go see Fernando Sr’s sister (little Fernando’s aunt) afterwards.

Fluffy Kitty beat tracks to Fernando Jr. and monopolized his time with her feline ways…

I’m inside Dodger’s paddock and I see Fluffy behind Fernando Jr.

Fluffy keeps it up – being incredibly cute…

AT one point, Fernando was playing “catch the string” with her…

Finally, she let him be… but she stayed close.


We went across the street to my neighbor’s place to do Dalton. (You can see me in his eyeball.) Dalton was a very good boy.

This is BG. I forgot to take a pic while we were doing her… but here are her feet after her Sunday trim.  She was so good today!  I think with her body work and the new supplement I give her, she is finally healing.  BG put her head in the halter when it was her time, no refusals.  This is such a relief that she is feeling better!

Wrigley! Wrigley was such a good boy! Usually we do him first. When he saw that we started with Finn, he was upset. As soon as Finn was done, Wrigley came running over and stuck his head in the halter. Wrigley is 11 this year… I think he is finally settling down. OH, and he has a new flymask. He likes these kind with the red trim. When I bring out all the flymasks, he always picks the red ones.

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