Farrier Day! Everyone says, “Hello!” – except BG. She wasn’t happy today…

First off, I wanted to say that HORSE AND MAN JEWELRY is having a Trunk Sale (GASP!) on Saturday (tomorrow), September 23, 2017 at Riding Warehouse:  181 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo, 93401 from 10 – 2pm!

I’ve never done this before… (GULP!) but I think it might be quiet because the event is actually a Tack Swap – but we were asked to join to promote The Horse and Man Foundation Drop in the Bucket Fund!

I didn’t want to be one of those people who sat in a booth asking for donations, even if the cause is very worthy… so I asked if I could sell jewelry to benefit the horses.  They said, “Sure!”.

I consider this a trial run for the big show in November.  I’m hoping I can work out all the kinks on this little show so that the big show will have no, “Oops, I forgot it” or “I didn’t think of that”s!

Anyway, if you live anywhere near San Luis Obispo (CA), C’mon down and visit!

THE FARRIER CAME TODAY!  EVERYONE SAYS “HELLO!” except BG who was not happy…

The farrier came today!    Everyone was really good, except BG.  For some reason, she was combative and unhappy – and she is usually the easiest to trim!

It started off with BG not letting me catch her – very unusual.  And then she wouldn’t stand quiet for the farrier.  We finally got her timmed… but I never did figure out what was wrong. She sure gave me the stink eye all day…  She wasn’t hurting, from what we could tell.  Maybe she was having a very mareish day. Dunno.  I plan to groom her tomorrow and see how she is feeling on a new day.  So odd.  I need to figure this out!  She isn’t usually a grumpy girl.

*I kinda think she is mad at me for separating her from Finn and putting her in with Wrigley.  i did this because Finn was getting too fat from stealing their food.  So, I put Finn in with Mo – only.  Not much food for him to steal this way.

But, I think BG is bummed- even though they are right next door to each other.

And, top that off with the fact that Finn and Mo got to go into the huge field for the last 3 days – and not BG nor Wrig.

I think this is why she was pissed with me.  I will find out for sure tomorrow, when I let her back in with Finn and she can go into the big field.  We will see if her attitude changes…

GRUMPY BG. I have no idea what was up with her… I’m going to fully groom her tomorrow and see if she is better.


Norma’s skin allergy is back… so we had to be extra careful with her legs. But, she was perfect, as usual.

It was really windy today… not usually good for trimming horses… but Dodger was a perfect boy, too.

Gwen loves farrier day because she gets extra food and extra attention. Gwen is Mama Tess’ first born – and she is smart as a whip. A Genius, I swear. I love this girl. Her hair is so thick and curly!!

This was Gwen again… she loves farrier day because of all the attention. It’s funny, she was so standoffish most of her life, but now, as an older mare, she is very loving.

I was holding Missy Miss here. You can see her blonde dipped tresses. That blondy tip thing is natural. I wonder what kind of color mutation it is that makes the ends of her hair, blonde.

This is Annie. She still won’t hold up her feet for more than a moment before she slams it down.  So, she self trims.  Picking up Annie’s feet is my Fall project.  Patience and I will wear her down, I hope.

Silly, lovely Finn. He is always good.

This is Finn, being goofy. He is a such a sweet boy. So confident at home and so not confident on the trails.

This is MO. I think he is almost ready to have his feet trimmed. He will now pick up his feet for me. But, he still won’t wear a halter. So, another Fall project. Right now, Mo is self trimming, and doing a good job.

This is Wrigley. He is Mama Tess’ last baby. He likes this farrier so he was really good – for him.


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  1. Sonya

    Love your babies! They are magnificent!

    Don’t worry about your jewelry sale! All of your pieces are beautiful! You’ll do very well.


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