Farrier Day!

Fernando came today.  I love when Fernando comes… I hear all about his family and what is going on in his life.  He listens to me natter on.  In a way, it is a check-in of how our lives evolve over a 6-7 week period.

It is funny how you tell someone like your farrier – who you see seldom but are true confidants – about your life.  I mean, I don’t tell him personal/intimate stuff, but we do talk philosophies, politics, religion, Covid, families, horse stuff, water issues, property issues…

I love when Fernando comes.


I tried to remember everyone today…

It rained for an hour last night… so Norma was a bit wet when Fernando arrived.

Gwen is grey, but not this grey. Mostly that is skin fluff after rubbing her face for a while.

That is Mr. Wrigley with a healing scratch on his face. Mo is supervising…

Finn, so handsome, was looking off into the distance.

He was actually looking at his sister, BG, who hates farrier day. But she is better with Bute – and she got Bute last night and this morning. After she splayed in the slippery mud a few years back, she hates farrier day. Her ligaments will never be the same, unfortunately.

I had to go into the garage to get bribe treats for BG. Here is the Barn Manager taking stock of my appearance.

Her brother and assistant, calling orders.

And the bully kitty. This one is the Boss of the Garage. She’s small but mighty.

BG comes around with treats. So treats she gets. Fernando is very gentle with her.

Last but not least, we noted in the other pasture that Mo and Natty were having a barkbreyathon. Natty loves to harmonize with the donkeys.


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