The farrier came today… and he wanted CROSS-TIES, so he DUG a post hole for me!!! I love him!

Making this place more horse friendly has been a long process.  I’ve been here over a year and I still don’t have some essentials like cross-ties or a hitching post and a wash station.  No mats.  You know…

So the farrier came today… and after squeezing into 5 different pastures to trim, he asked if I had considered cross ties.

Well, I told him that I had, of course, but didn’t have much flat space and hadn’t decided where to put the grooming area.  I had delayed this because I felt that I had to put up the shelters and hay storage first.  So….

He and I walked around and we settled on a spot that we could put up cross ties that would not interfere with any future plans.  In fact, we decided to use a fence post as one side so we really only needed one more post.

Well… instead of leaving and waiting for me to beg Hubby to dig the hole, HE DUG IT HIMSELF!

I could not believe it! 

I didn’t know how to compensate him for being such an angel, so I brought out a bunch of necklaces and he picked a nice pearl piece for his wife.  He was thrilled with ‘one gift down’!.

Wow!  Win-Win!


Norma doesn’t mind the farrier, but after she was done, she took a nap and licked her lips…

Dodger was an angel, as usual.

Gwen is an old hand at this… no biggee.

Wrigley was bored…

Beautiful girl slept through it.

Wrigley watched with interest when Finn and BG were trimmed.

Fernando dug a post hole so we could create cross ties for his next visit!

The beginnings of cross ties! I need to drill holes, put in the safety rings and ask Hubby to trim off the top of the post to match the others! I’ll put down mats, I think. I may use this space to give baths, too. Or, maybe another area… in the future.

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