Farm fixes. Do you do this?

Hubby works out of town during the week, and when he is home, he would rather not do ranch work – unless it is an emergency.  So, I have guys that come when I have a bunch of chores piled up.   They spend a morning and get it all done, which is GREAT.

Anyway, in between the guys coming, sometimes I have to create farm fixes.  Do you?

Mostly I use panels to fix broken fences, or bale strings holding up boards that aren’t broken but are bit east for me to put back up.

When they totally destroy several fence boards, I usually put up a panel if I cannot get to it or fix it right away.


One of my ‘go-tos’ for fixing things is Vet Wrap.  I use it like some people use duct tape – for everything.  The good part about Vet Wrap over Duct Tape is that Vet Wrap comes off without leaving a mark.

I did this little job just this morning!  A branch had broken off and left sharp pieces right at horse eye level.  Knowing my horses, they all would walk right into it – on a Sunday – when no vet is working, right?

They had broken a tree branch into sharp pokey limbs – right at horse eye level – and I couldn’t get my loppers to cut them high enough. So, I wrapped them.

Thes is a TPost without a cap. So I wrapped it.

This is the recycle fence board pile… you can see that I had previously married two ends of a broken board with vet wrap. It works as a quick fix!! It also helps any sharp edges.





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