Expectations… “Oh, She’s a horse person too, You’ll love her! …”

Someone said something funny to me today. Or, not really ‘funny’ but interesting in an amusing way.

You see, I’ve been working like crazy this week on a commercial that came up very rapidly on Monday and will shoot on Saturday.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been busy.  But, that’s not what I want to talk about.  I want to speak about assumptions and expectations…


It’s assumptions and expectations that excite us and get us in trouble.

Here’s what got me on this roll…  I’m working with a Director I’ve yet to meet (she’s flying in from NY tonight).  But, the Producer from NY who is working with me said, “Oh, she’s a horse person!  You guys will loooooove each other!”

Now, this could be true and I really hope it is true – especially for the success of this spot.  But, “loooooooove each other” isn’t always what happens with horse people.  So, there sets up the assumptions and expectations.

Of course, assumptions and expectations run us awry in every venue, right?

Anyway, back on track here… She knows that I have horses and I know she has at least one horse.  So, we have hopeful anticipation for each other.  Or at least I do for her…


Horse people love to talk about their horses and hate to listen to others talk about theirs…  Do you find this to be true?  I do.   You know how it goes.  You listen to someone talk about their horses and you automatically throw in your stories or one-up them with your stories.  It is kinda common.  Oh yeah, well MY HORSE does blah blah.

I don’t want you to take that the wrong way.  We are interested in others horses, just not as much as our own…


Or, you fall into the trap of thinking you have a common thread with someone and once they speak one sentence about their horses or their way of riding – you know.


So, then you start arguing because horse people are very passionate.  I swear, bring up shoeing or saddles and you might as well bring up sex, religion and politics, too.  Oy.  The only common value some of us horse people have is our passion about what we believe…


Y’know, as silly as this sounds, it is a true divide.  Luckily, there are some of us that ride the hybrid style so we can cross pollinate.  But this English Western thing is immense.  It infiltrates into how you dress, eat, think, drink and present yourself.  It is much more than just the way you ride.


This is also a divider but of a lesser sort.  The people that house their own horses are lucky because they can have a very intimate relationship with their horses daily.  And, there is an innate knowledge that comes with being around horses all the time.

But, there is a wonderful freedom with boarding.

In any event, this is a divider.  Many that house horses have so many “stories” to exchange that the boarders would not understand.  And, many of the boarders have a social network that escapes the ranchers.


I know this isn’t supposed to matter, it does.  There is a big difference to horse life in the East than in the West.  I know I felt it just attending the WHIA Conference in Kentucky.  I definitely felt CALIFORNIAN instead of not Californian.  We have different grasses and different landscapes and weather… it all changes the experience.  And, hunter horses, jumpers, eventers… seem to be more prevalent in the East than the trail riders of the West.  Now, I know that is a generalization… but if you go to the East and you are from the West, you will feel it.  I can only guess that the East coast rider might feel a bit cowboyee in the West.  Dunno.

NY vs CA

And, the ultimate.  I think you know exactly what the differences are between a NY rider and a CA rider.  Now, this is a TOTAL generalization, but you know the vibe here.

And, this is exactly the start of the assumption and expectation for tomorrow.

I’m meeting a Director who rides from NY.  I’m a Producer who rides from CA.

I am totally intrigued to see how this goes!  What does she ride?  How does she ride?  What are her events?  What kind of horse does she have?…

Will we have one thing in common or many?

Well, I’m going to add  ‘anticipation’ to my assumptions and expectations for tomorrow.

I’m excited to meet her and I’ll let you know!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Spin

    Assumptions are almost like a blind date. Most times it works out, but if you hit an awkward silence, then what?

    “LISTEN TO ME, NO – LISTEN TO ME!” working as recording engineer, this part is always funny in a room full of musicians. One will talk about a song they wrote, another will talk about 1000 songs they wrote, and another one will claim they wrote 2000 songs while on tour in many countries…and then one will always try to top everyone with my family owns that country and all music ever made in the world.

  2. Donna

    We all know what happens when we assume right LOL However speaking from personal experience as an English trained rider who transplanted to NM via the military for 4 years … no truer words were spoken :}

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