Everybody looooves their fans.

As you may have read, the West Coast is really, really, REALLY hot right now.  AND we are on fire.  Mother Nature is not happy at the moment.

I’ve been working in heat over 110 degrees and I thought I cut a few years of my life off this morning – I just could barely rouse myself.  But, I’m fine now.  Lots of fluids, inactivity and shade.

(I feel so badly for all of those animals running from the fires.  Right now, California is mostly burning in forested areas.  So sad.  Leave out water!)

MY HORSES LOVE THEIR FANS… during his hot and smoky season.

As you can see, the air quality (smoke) is still bad, but better than it was.  The horses stay put during the hot, smoky day… and roam a bit at night when it is cooler.


Here Finn is nosing his sister, BG. They stand here most of the day. At night, they wander. Notice how the sky is smoky.


Wrigley has his own fan because Finn won’t let him use the big fan.

This is Missy Miss. She shares the huge fan with Mo. They got the huge fan because they have a flat spot big enough in front of their paddock. The others didn’t. (Mo was rolling nearby when I took this shot.)

Dalton has on his Avenger fly mask… he looks like a comic book character.

This is Norma’s fan/feeder position… but when I came over, Dalton pushed her away.

Gwen had a nice stroll around the place today. Note the smoky sky. Not as bad as last week, but still irritates the eyes and lungs. I feel for those who are IN all of the California fires.

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