Have you ever been so sick that all you managed to do in that day – was feed? Yup. I’m there now.


I have no idea what is the matter with me… I even went to the Dr today, and still no idea.

(Nothing overly scary.)

It all started on Friday.  I had severe chest pain on the right side.  I figured I had some sort of chest cold.  But then… it moved around to my back… and then on Saturday it was on my left side, then on Sunday on my left chest…

All the while, I’ve felt weak and cramped up in pain.

Hubby was concerned that I had pneumonia again so he insisted I go to the DR today.  I went because he wanted me to go.  But, I figured my symptoms didn’t really fit anything.. so I must have some sort of weird ‘trunk’ virus or something – in which case they couldn’t do anything anyway.

What makes pain move around so much?

Anyway, I went to the DR.

The DR said it wasn’t pneumonia and she didn’t think it was my heart, but offered a battery of (expensive) tests.  I declined.

She did suggest that it was air trapped in my body…


It did remind me of when I had a minor surgery that let air into my body.  I remember the surgeon telling me about the ‘gas’ I may feel inside my body.  I had no idea what he meant – until I felt it.  OMGOSH!  It was so painful as it worked its way around my body, looking for a way out.

That’s exactly what this feels like.  So Hubby purchased some $5 Gas-X for me.  We’ll see.


Throughout this uncomfortable time, all I’ve been able to do is feed.

Knowing they need to be fed gets me up and out… even if I’m not pretty while performing the task.   To be honest, I have been doing the bare minimum.  Hay and water only.  But, I’ve been giving them extra hay as a consolation.  I always feel badly for them when I’m not 100%.

But, I know they’ll be OK for a few days until I recover.

I’m guessing a few of you have had these days?

Hay and Water only.  The Human is sick.

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  1. Pat Reavy

    If you get sick to your stomach and vomit you need to call the paramedics or get to the ER immediately. That means a heart attack. Everyone I have ever known who had a heart attack vomited when it happened. They had an extreme heaviness in the chest at the time, too.

  2. Mary Lu Kennedy

    Perhaps you need to have your pancreas checked. Hope that you are feeling better real soon. Not fun to be the only food provider for your herd when you are not up to par. I live alone so know what you are going through. Take care.

  3. Shelley S

    Look up the symptoms for gallstones. My cousin just had emergency surgery for them and I was shocked how many of the symptoms mirror heart issues.

    Either way, hope you feel better soon, but don’t ignore things too long. Been there, done that.

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