Have you ever had A PERFECT RIDE?

I was looking through a box of treasured photos – many of them are of horses I’ve owned, ridden and loved.

But these particular photos struck me.

They were all ‘perfect’ rides.  You know… where you get off and you and your horse’s hearts and souls are absolutely settled.

A total, “Ahhhhhh, that’s what life is about…”

Do you know what I mean?

This is why I ride.  That feeling…

Here they are:

My cousin, Mindy, was the one to reintroduce me to horses when I was old enough to buy one – so it is all her fault (I’m smiling broadly here!).  This was taken when we rode together all over Oregon. I am loving this day and relaxing on a log way up in a wonderful meadow somewhere incredible.

Another fabulous ride in Oregon. I’m in the middle. My cousin is on my left in purple. She is riding her World Champion Morgan Hunter Jumper, Rocky.  She said it was part of his ‘cross training’.  He was such an amazing horse and their bond was incredible.  She took him to one Grand National show – after saving all kinds of money to do it – and she told him that she could only do this once, so he needed to win this time.  And he did.  He won everything.  I wept for her.  It was amazing.      I’m on Damien, who was my first horse – who became my first World Champion – which was another amazing story/adventure “Who knew?” from adolescent to show horse… I never rode him in the show ring (too scared and not talented enough), but I rode him on the trails – learning from my cousin that a great trail horse can make a great show horse. He was way too big for me but I loved him. He was the first horse I purchased myself. Riding him in these incredible forests was beyond wonderful. Last time I heard, he was carrying young kids in the Morgan Hunter circuit – and bringing them blues. He was so even, floaty and beautiful. It is Damien that is in the Horse and Man logo.

This was a few years later… me with Aladdin. Truly, he was my heart horse. I had total confidence with him – and we rode all over Oregon, Carmel Valley and Santa Cruz before he retired in Grass Valley – and passed. I miss him every day.  I cannot think of a bad ride on him.  Truly.  For those of you from Vermont, I purchased him there.  This is Equinox Aladdin from East of Equinox Farm in Burlington.

This was the most recent PERFECT RIDE. This was Sky from the R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. I probably don’t have to tell you why this was such a perfect ride… The place, the horse, the everything.


I have spent so much energy trying to fix up this place for the horses… and find work… and and and… that I haven’t put the effort into creating a new riding partner and new PERFECT RIDES lately.

But, I am refocusing… and I will.

Another perfect day… this was at the V6 Ranch here in Parkfield, CA.  A must.  I’m the one waving.



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