Ever have one of those days when you do something… and you just have to stand back – and laugh?! Sigh. Sorry, Hubby, I wrecked your…

So in my defense… I just started taking a very strong (too strong) allergy medicine and I was a bit loopy.

And… Hubby and I had switched cars this week and I didn’t realize he had put his bike rack onto my car.

So…la de dah, dum de dum… I was just having my day… and because I was feeling a bit meandery, I took time to notice that my car was dirty while I was getting gas.

Hmmmm.  Just loopy enough to think that I could take the time to wash it, I went ahead and said, YES! to the little genie in the gas pump who asked if I wanted a wash.

Sure!  Why not.  Today is a perfect day for a wash.

Or so I thought.


Yes… hanging from the left side of the brushes is Hubby’s bike rack.  Yakima.

Uh huh, it did sound a bit overly noisy when I was going through the car wash.  And I did think that there was an excessive amount of ‘clunking’ noise for a brush carwash.


Once the brushes settled – waiting for me to be rinsed – I saw the rack, plain as day, hanging from the huge monolithic device.

Oh No!

I skipped the rinse and I ran into the office as fast as my antihistamine laden legs would carry me.

After a barrage of “What is wrong with you, lady, didn’t you see the signs” type of conversation, one guy finally decided that it could, indeed, be a hazard for the next car … and decided to help.

Luckily, we were able to jimmy it off of the brush.


Hubby is loving the power this ‘genius move’ gives him.   Now I ‘owe him’ for messing up his bike rack.  So far, I’ve had to bring him a cold beer, let him pick the show we were going to watch and take the dogs out.

To me, all the pieces of the rack are still there.  Is it broken?  I don’t know because I don’t know how it goes together on the roof.  But Hubby isn’t that upset… so I think it is fine.  But… he’ll milk this for a while…

And, it is a funny story.  At least, I think so.

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  1. Kathy A. Johnson

    I’ve done the very same thing with my husband’s bike rack! (Without the extenuating circumstances of allergy meds.) Fortunately for me, the rack was on the back of his SUV and all that happened was the car wash stopped. No damage to either rack or car wash! I’m not sure what this says about horse people vs. bike people, but it’s probably not good. :)

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