Have you ever forgotten that you’ve just groomed your horse and then smelled him/her and wondered…?

OK, this is maybe the oddest thing I’ve ever imagined about my horse…

But, I swear… almost every time after I totally groom Mama Tess with all of my best, fragrant supplies (Equi-Spa), and then go about my business….

La de da dum de dumm dum.

I’ll then walk back into the barn, forget that I’ve just groomed her and I’ll catch a whiff of MT and I’ll wonder to myself, “Hmmmm, she smells good, I wonder if she has a date tonight…?”

And then I’ll catch myself, remember that this is a horse I have recently groomed which is why she is so fragrant, and then I’ll smile to myself sheepishly (hoping no one else could read my mind…) and move on.

I swear I do that.

Am I the only one?

Whenever  I detect perfume or cologne on someone, I always think that they must be going somewhere special… even my horse, it seems.

This is not MT, but you get the idea... groomed.

This is not MT, but you get the idea… groomed.


Since I’m embarrassing myself here, I’ll tell you other stuff I do all the time while I’m in the barn.

Probably because MT lives in the barn and I spend a lot of my day in there, I have gotten very familiar with working around a lame horse in tight quarters.

For example, if I brush up against her or trip and fall into her, I always apologize.

“Ooops, sorry Mama!”

-She must think that this is the noise humans make when they bump into horses accidentally.

Another silly thing I do is when MT steps onto her Theraplate, waiting for her meal, I’ll always say, “I know, I know, I’m coming with your dinner, just a minute or two…”

At this point, she knows that this melodic phrase is what her two-legger vocalizes back to her when she nickers for her dinner – and very soon after (about a minute) her dinner arrives.

But, truthfully, I could say anything in that same rhythmic tone and she’d think her dinner was coming in about a minute.

“Hey Mo, Hey Joe, buy something with Yo winner, bust a SlimJim or two” and she’d still think her dinner was coming in a minute – and she’d be right.

This IS Mama Tess... but you can see that enough time passed today that she had rolled after I groomed her - but she smelled great!

This IS Mama Tess… but you can see that enough time passed today that she had rolled after I groomed her – but she smelled great!  That is her daughter, Gwen, trying to steal some food.  Gwen had untied the net…


Me: (holding a full bowl up to her nose):  Here, Mama,  may I interest you in a lovely bowl of LMF Low Carb for Seniors, ahem, I mean ‘ladies of maturity’?…

MT (sniffing and turning her head):  No.  Although I appreciate the suggestion, my palate is more inclined towards coconut this evening.

Me:  (scurrying into the feed room):  Ah, then some very fresh and saturated CoolStance would be in order, is that correct, Miss?

MT (sniffing and accepting the bowl):  Yes!  That is perfect!

I then check on her and ask how she is doing and if she is enjoying her course.  I look to see if she has completed it and then I clear her plate and replace it with the next course.  When she leaves the table (or in this case, the Theraplate), I always ask where she would like her last course and I put it wherever she has indicated  – usually on her veranda.

While she is enjoying her last course, I carefully organize the food she will need for the evening while I’m sleeping and I put it in all of her favorite spots.

Once I am done preparing and placing her food, I don’t give her a bill but I tell her to “Enjoy her evening” and that I love her very much.

I usually get a sweet glance and a nicker as a tip.

She may think I’m a very silly human – but she tolerates me, just the way I am.  (Hence why we love our pets, eh?)

This is not us, either... but it seemed like a perfect pic for this post.

This is not us, either… but it seemed like a perfect pic for this post.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    He absolutely knows… most of my horses will do the same for a face rub! Good job, I’m glad I’m not alone! ;)

  2. Kathy

    This post made me laugh! I board my horse, so I don’t feed him his meals, but we have other routines that would probably strike the ordinary person as unusual. When I walk him from his paddock into the barn for grooming/whatever, I always talk to him as if he’s a person. I ask him how he’s doing, if he wants to play and have fun today, etc. When I groom him, I periodically hand him a piece of carrot as I make my way around his body (and also incorporate some stretches), and when we get to a certain spot in the routine, he knows it’s time for me to scratch his face. I put my gloved hands flat in front of him, and he rubs his face up and down on the pebbled palms. I also rub his ears, poll and all over his eyes and jawline when he’s done his rubbing. He doesn’t rub on me at other times, so I think he knows this is part of his grooming experience!

    Glad to see Mama T doing so well. She’s such a special girl.

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