EMERGENCY OCTOBER BUCKET FUND: “JO” – I cannot believe she is still standing! LET’S HELP HER!

This simply broke my heart.  Jo is a 28 year old mare with an incredible will to survive – hanging on long enough in this starved condition (less than a 1 on the Henneke Scale) to be rescued.   Just a few days ago, the mare’s owner contacted BHFER asking for help – and BHFER  immediately came to Jo’s rescue.

Joe was rescued, fed, bathed and visited by the vet immediately. Here the vet is feeling her bones. Less than a 1 on the Henneke Scale.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance!

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It is difficult to believe that Jo had an owner… but maybe even more miraculous was that Jo keeps standing – and fighting  – for her life.  Already, she has seen the vet, had her feet done and today, the dentist came to evaluate her teeth.  All the while, Jo has been an angel.  Her desire to live is incredible.  She doesn’t complain.  She doesn’t give up.  She is ready to LIVE.

PLEASE let’s all band together and help this mare recover!  She needs special re-feeding foods, several gentle dental procedures to correct her very sore and ulcerous mouth, medicines for her liver and kidneys, gentle worming (in time) and lots of consistent medical attention until she stabilizes.

I am in awe of this mare. Personally, I cannot believe this girl is still standing.   For her courage and heart alone, I am begging all of us to please contribute what you can – your Starbucks money… anything adds up.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance!

THANK YOU!!  Jo absolutely DESERVES this soft landing with BHFER.  Please, let’s help BHFER do what they need to do to care for this horribly neglected mare.

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!Thank you!

Jo’s fresh start with love and food from BHFER

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