Emergency BUCKET FUND for very young and starved tribal colts – FOUND AT A MEAT BUYERS – who need our help!

FIRST NEWS:  Yes, we are watching ASIAB who are at a kill pen in Texas.  They know to call us and use our Keep Them off of The Truck Fund ($2395) if needed.


A photo tells a thousand words…  these two babies were found at a meat buyers lot.  They are very young tribal mustangs who rated a 1 on the scale.  They are boney and starving under that winter coat.  So very, very sad.

Please let’s help these youngsters!  Both are at Bend Equine Hospital, fighting to survive!  We can help right this wrong!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you in advance!

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See something, say something, do something and sometimes serendipity, of sorts, can help us to help too!

While we are at our heathy operating capacity, there was something about these two very young horses and this situation that we could not turn our back on— we will call it serendipity as we know the reason these horses were brought to our attention will come clear in time.
This colt and filly are two tribal mustangs that landed in the lot of a grotesque meat buyer. We were able to do a safe, very quick, and very preliminary halter training to secure them for their emergency vet care at Bend Equine Medical Center. They have a body score of 1. We are having tests run to see what else we are up against, while they are currently receiving IV fluids.
These rescues can take a toll on the horses and humans, as we are all a bit weary. Please know we appreciate our supporters and will update you as soon as we can. These horses are in the best of care now.
We are grateful to Lindsey Wagstaff Brown, for her brave efforts in locating these horses, the hard and emotional work she did to secure them and get them to us for their acute medical care and training. Thank you to those that helped her in that effort as well, Joan Steelhammer and village. They saw something and did something and that is brave work. That is how rescue happens.
Follow along with us in what we hope is the journey to heal, gentle and then find the perfect homes for Tru and Yarrow.

THEIR STORY told by Bend Equine Medical Center

These very malnutritioned, ill and debilitated horses were rescued by the amazing 3 Sisters Equine Refuge yesterday from out of state. They were brought directly to us late last night and were both hospitalized for supportive care, treatment of their secondary diseases and initial refeeding. Both are feeling better already today, though the road ahead is long.
We are so grateful to work with the volunteers of 3 Sisters, who are experienced, capable and get ‘er done people. We love you guys, your spirit, and what you do!
And learn more about the tricky business of refeeding starved horses here!


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