Emergency Bucket Fund for ARBY who was ridden through the killer auction with a cancerous eye! Please forward and help!

I have good and bad news.  First, the good news!  Olivia, our May Bucket Fund horse with the fist sized hole in her throat has been privately adopted and all of her needs are going to be cared for by the private individual!  That means that the funds we collected can now be turned to another horse in dire need from All Seated In A Barn rescue:  Arby.

The bad news:  Poor Arby.  These photos made me sick.  Arby was RIDDEN through the killer auction with an incredibly painful, cancerous eye (photo proof below).  He was rescued by All Seated in A Barn who sent him to an equine hospital for evaluation.  It is cancer and the eye has to be removed.  Surgery is today!

Please, can we help this 14 year-old, very sweet gelding?   ASIAB tell me that Arby is a delight and so kind… tough to believe that he still trusts after being dumped in a killpen for his illness.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance!

Side note of kindness:  He is named, “Arby” because Tahlia from ASIAB kept calling him “Our Boy” which turned into “Arby”.

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This is Arby’s eye. The vet says it is cancer and the eye must be removed. Surgery is today!


This photo made me ill.

This makes me sick. Can you imagine riding this horse, at all, in his condition?!


Well, he was rescued from a Texas kill auction by All Seated in a Barn.  They know nothing more but I’m pretty sure the previous owner found him worthless with that eye – so they ran him through the kill buyer sale.  So disgusting.  He is a very nice gelding.  Here is a video taken by ASIAB.   They say he is sweet as sugar.

Watch this video of sweet Arby.

Click image to watch video

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  1. Calvin48

    It’s quite possible that the horse was ridden in the auction to show that he was a trained horse. The purpose of which was to keep him from being sold to slaughter. A thin adult horse that is not ridden would be assumed to have no training, would be unridable, and would almost certainly be picked up by a kill-buyer. Of course, the horse’s owner should have taken care of him and had a vet look at that eye, but they probably did what they could by showing that he was trained.

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