EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND FOR 4 DONKEYS IN DIRE NEED – elderly owner died and these donkeys were left ALONE, without food or water SINCE JUNE!…

It is a great thing that Big Oaks Rescue Farm heard about these 4 donkeys yesterday… or I’m sure 3 of them would have perished.

Look at the condition.

Forgotten after their owner died.

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An elderly, sick owner, probably stopped caring for these donkeys as his illness progressed, eventually passed away.  His son either didn’t know about the donkeys or was ignorant to their care, because they were left in a pasture, alone and forgotten, since June.

Since June!

No food, no water, Nothing.  Just weeds and rain water.

It is clear that one donkey ate all the available food and the others starved.  No one trimmed their hooves or fed them.

Yesterday, Big Oaks Rescue Farm secured their release and brought them home to nurture them back to heath.  Hopefully the hooves can be managed…

–They are a 20 year-old very skinny gelding… a 15 year-old very skinny jenny… an 8 year-old gelding who is the most fit and a very skinny and depressed 5 year-old jennet.

The older one, who is in pain with very long feet. This one is also very skinny but is camped up due to the feet. The farrier is coming today.

The skinny, depressed younger jenny.  Her winter coat is coming in, hiding her skin and bones.   The one behind her is the young male, who is in the best shape – although he has way overgrown feet and is malnourished.

CAN WE HELP THESE DONKEYS after being forgotten for so long?!  It won’t take much to make a big difference!

It is bad enough being forgotten and neglected.  But in this case, they lost their owner and were totally forgotten.  Absolutely alone.

All 4 need vet visits, regular farrier services, quality food, pain meds and supplements.  Hopefully Big Oaks has rescued the elders in enough time to reverse the damage!  It won’t take that much money to make a HUGE difference for these guys.

Let’s help right this negligence!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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BIG OAKS RESCUE… Let’s help in honor of their founder, Joe Mann, who passed away last year.

We have helped Big Oaks Rescue Farm in the past.  I had the good fortune to deal with Joe Mann, who was the founder.

Joe passed away last year.  Luckily for his charges, the Rescue lives on!  It would be nice to think of Joe shining his light on these 4 donkeys that his Rescue saved yesterday!

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  1. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I have, for the last 20 plus years, had a life insurance policy made out to my favorite rescue that will
    take care of my animals in case of my death. Even when I just had two German Shepherds I knew they
    would be taken care of and this gave me one less thing to worry about. Currently I just have my two
    miniature horses and one really fun Nigerian Dwarf goat. One of my mini’s father lived to be 31 and he
    was very happy at Equine Voices where my animals will go. They are 17 and 18 now so could live a long

  2. josephine di gennaro

    This has always been a big concern of mine for my donkeys. There always needs to be a back up plan for them.

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