Easter is a time to be thankful for what another has done for us.

Nowadays, most people spend Easter with family…  I don’t have much family, however, I have so many people to be thankful for – I couldn’t begin to name one without feeling badly about not naming another.

So, instead, I’ll name my dogs.

Presently, we have two dogs who drive me absolutely insane – daily.  They are too busy, very needy and they wake up very early.

However, I adore them.

Vivienne is the peace keeper.  She is very serious and very neurotic about certain things.

Natty effervesces with joy de vivre.  He is always, ALWAYS happy.  Natty’s tail wags so often and so hard that he once sprained his tail and couldn’t move it for a few days.

Vivienne guards and protects.  Natty has fun all day long.

So on this Easter Sunday, I shine a light on my love-giving dogs who are as innocent and kind as God would want.


Here is Natty, not upset at all that I’ve just scolded him for ruining his bed, getting into the Christmas wrap and chewing on boxes.

As you can see, even when I am being very stern, he doesn’t ever believe that anyone could ever be angry with him.

Here we have very serious Vivienne, who knows how bad this is and is trying to make sure that I know that she had nothing to do with it.

Here we have Vivey with the exact same serious expression as she puts her protective paw over little Natty.

Hubby has an app where he can have cards created and sent to me. This was my Valentine’s card from the dogs. Vivey very serious. Natty full of confidence. They are such amazing creatures.





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