EARLY AUGUST BUCKET FUND – because SHE NEEDS US! Meet Luna, the Friesian mare…

Our August Bucket Fund is starting early because Luna (18-20 year old Friesian mare) really, really needs our help.  Luna has been rescued by Minnesota’s Beyond Sanctuary, run by veterinarian, Melissa Shelton.  Shelton was asked to take Luna after the mare’s wheelchair bound and frail owner surrendered her after a humane investigation.

Luna is in very bad shape.  Starved, neglected, horrible teeth, bad feet, untreated Cushings, deteriorated health due to neglect and DSLD.  But, the good news… Dr. Shelton is doing everything in her power, around the clock, to bring this girl back from the brink.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance!

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Not much is known since she was a surrender… however, we do know that relatives of the owner felt the horse was just old and looked in this condition because of old age.


We have since learned that Luna responded to immediate care.

She is very sweet – and very weak.

Dr. Shelton says that currently, Luna is too weak to be sedated for Xrays… too weak to have her feet shaped (to help with the DSLD) and definitely too weak to have her teeth done.  Right now, she is being fed 6 times a day per the UC DAVIS refeeding program.  On top of all of that, Luna has untreated Cushings.

But, after a bath and some gentle grooming, Luna showed her bright eyes!  There is life iin this mare and we’d like to bring her back!

What better way than in the care of a vet in her own Sanctuary!

PLEASE LET US HELP THEM HELP HER – and right this wrong!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance!  This mare is so kind and sweet… let’s help her gain her health so she can live her life in Sanctuary!

If you receive this post via email, click here to donate!

After a bath…

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