Donkeys are very different than horses… especially when it comes to food and water intake.

I have donkeys (everyone should have one) and horses here.  Although they can eat the same foods sometimes, it is important to know how and why donkey food/water intake is different from horses.

I will say that if you provide the correct foods for both donkeys and horses in the same pasture (and the donkeys and horses are equitable in size and strength) they can usually live together – because the donkeys will pick the foods that are best for them.  However, I will also say that donkeys will overeat and get robust/fat quickly, if not monitored – and that is not good.  Donkeys can colic and founder just like horses.

So, it is important to understand how the food/water continuum is different between the two, before you put them together… and before you house a donkey.

*If you have the room and can afford to house/feed donkeys, please adopt.  Get 2 because they need a herd.  Donkeys eat the sticks and twigs that horses won’t (but you still have to feed them proper nutrition), eat less than a horse, drink less than a horse, are very loving, brave and they will fiercely protect their home.  Where a horse will run away from danger, a donkey will run towards it.  No more dangerous cats or coyotes or large birds around.  Donkeys keep everything out of their pastures.  They are wonderful companion animals and Guard animals.  Adopting donkeys keeps them out of the slaughter/donkey hide tea trade pipeline.


I received this email from Standlee feeds about exactly this topic!  I thought it important to pass it along.

Listen to this podcast and you will understand the food/water needs of donkeys vs. horses.

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