Do your dogs insist on HELPING you feed? Yeah, mine do, too!

I don’t know about  you… but my dogs INSIST on helping me feed morning and night.

I cannot even think about being late for this task because a full hour before it is actually time to feed, they are letting me know that the time is upcoming.

Dogs:  Whine.

Me:  I know, I know… but we still have an hour.

Dogs:  Whhhiiiiiinnnneeee.

And so it goes.

You, too?


When it is actually feeding time, as I open the door, they eject themselves like jet propelled rockets and fly out to parts unknown.

Once I saunter out, I catch glimpses of them poking their heads in the cat doors, running around the sheds, checking gopher holes and gooberly taking huge gulps out of water troughs.

As soon as I get to the hay shed, they both jump on the bales and bark at each other.  As I shoo them away, they run circles all up and over the hay, and then run off barking at each other.

They are SUCH a help.

And as I walk towards each eager horse with arms full of hay, my dogs rush around my feet (thank you very much) and continue to run around – to the bottom of the 10 acres and back up –  before I can even offload my arms.

They are pretty amazing…


They always seem to know when I’m done feeding, even if I change up the routine.  I have no idea how they sense this, but as soon as I’m done, no matter where I am, they appear and run with me into the backyard and back inside where their cookie awaits.

So, did they help me?  Well, not with the task at hand.  They didn’t help me feed the horses at all.

However, they did amuse me.  They always amuse me.  They always warm my heart.

And for that, I am grateful.

I guess they insist upon helping me feed because as dogs, they know their job… to love me and fill my heart.



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