Do you TIDY-UP your horses’ feet before the Farrier comes?! I do.

Tomorrow, the farrier comes.

I feel a compulsion – or a courtesy – to tidy up.  I tidy up around my make-shift barn… I tidy-up all of my horses’ feet.

Except, all of this is really futile because by tomorrow, all of them will have stepped through the mud by their water troughs which will cake up their feet again… and I will invariably notice something I had forgotten to clean while holding a horse for the farrier.

But, I do it anyway because it makes me feel good.

Besides, spending time with my horses is always a pleasure, so I may as well use as many excuses as possible to play hookey on work and go outside to be with them!


What is really funny to me… is that I only took photos today of horses who don’t get to visit with the farrier – Mo and Annie!  I actually spent the most time with them, probably because they are sponges for love.  Both of them will step all over each other to get the most love.  Of course, I succumb.

The Barn Manager (kitty) wanted to feel the love as well, so she sat outside of Annie’s paddock (in the shade, of course). Annie is fascinated by kitties, so this was a real treat for her.

Annie LOVES to be massaged.

Moe ends up circling me because he always wants his face in my face.

Mo has deep chocolate eyes. So warm and lovely.  (Yes, I removed that hair in his eyelashes there.)

Mo has a very course coat. And he holds onto this mohawk ridge on his back.

Yes, I had a pedicure yesterday… but couldn’t bear to wear socks in my boots, so…

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