Do you look for the horses on your route home from work?… take mental notes of all of the horses and herds… on your way home? I do!

I realized today, on my way to work, that I take mental notes on all of the horses who live on my drive path.

Do you?

It isn’t like I’m actually taking notes; I just look for them as I round the bends, etc.  I notice their pastures. their shelter structures and their care – more than the houses on the premises.

Some herds are too vast – and I’m usually driving too fast to really make accurate friendships… but I do know ‘there are horses’ just up the next curve – that sort of thing.

Do you?

If there are really distinctive horses, I always remember them.  Like the older horse that always stands in the corner of one field.  He wasn’t there tonight because I came home later and they put him in at night.

But, I always look for him.

These horses are markers and drivetime buddies.  Often, I say to myself, I should leave a note on their car – if they ever want to rehome their donkey.  Stuff like that.  I never do, because I know these are loved pets, but I think about it.

Today I saw a huge hay truck going into the driveway of one of the large quarter horse farms… I wanted to hijack the truck.  I think those things… like, I sure wish I could just make him pull into MY driveway…

Other times, I note simple, little things like how they hook their feeders to the fencing, or what kind of fencing they have or what kind of waterers, or what kind of shelters… I’m always taking mental notes of horses, horse properties and horse stuff.



I got off work late, so most of my favorite horses were already in for the night.  But here are pics I took, while driving home.

I’ve never met the owners of any of these horses…

These are the horses right across from my work…

He hears me…as I get closer.

This guy is at the corner of my block.

I did a lousy job here because I was driving, but this elderly gentleman set up a cross country course for his fox hunting horse career. I think they are all retired now, but you can see one of his elder horses still on the premises. I never see him using the jumps anymore.

This place has a little bit of everything… longhorns, goats, donkeys, horses. All of them were inside eating when I drove by.

This lady has two quarter horses that she rides in her arena. Since she is near the road, I can always watch her horses.

OK, this is a horrible shot… but it is supposed to be the mini donkey ranch near me. You can only see two donkeys. Most were in already. Usually, there are around 20 out there.

Here I am approaching our mailboxes and I saw a family of deer!

As I drove up to them, they scattered.


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  1. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I can no longer take my dogs on long walks so I take them for a drive every day. I check out all of the horses in the area. If there is a problem I report it to the Livestock inspector. There is a rescue in my area but the people are not interested in donations and all of their animals are fat and happy. I have become acquainted with their caretaker and have met Jango a beautiful white mule. I went by yesterday and seven horses including Jango were out in a large field and each horse had his own tree. They were posing and not moving in the hot sun. I did not have my camera with me. The field was so lovely but so unnatural looking with just one horse under each tree. I have heard that Jango was an exercise mule at a race track. He knows my truck and if I stop he will come to the fence. He is a happy mule and seems to have his herd under control. I have watched these horses since 2003. I used to think they were kept and fatten and sold for slaughter. Does not seem the case. When I miss one I always see a burial place. Jango has free roaming of the compound. He has a stall but can leave at any time. He is beyond bright. He often brightens my day!

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